Sunday, October 14, 2012

No on Prop 37

Labeling genetically modified foods sounds like a good idea.

Yet the unintended consequences of labeling leads only to increased liability.

Prop 37 is a trial lawyer's dream, in large part because the proposed statute would permit plaintiffs to file a lawsuit without demonstrating cause for the complaint.

Normally, civil procedure allows the pursued parties to file a demurrer, stating that their is no legal or even factual standing for filing a lawsuit. This initiative will permit anyone to initiate a legal challenge under any pretense.

This is not a good idea in the slightest!

Besides, how much of what we eat has some element of genetic enhancement, anyway? This proposition is bad news.

The last thing that the businesses in California need are more opportunities to be sued. How many firms are fleeing the state precisely because they face crippling lawsuits which eat into their profit margin, only to benefit the glut of lawyers looking for some way to make it through this overregulated recession.

Vote "No!" on Prop 37.

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