Friday, October 5, 2012

"Climate Change Bill" -- SB 1066

State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Marina Del Rey) has gone after shark fin soup, microchips for pets, and tanning salons for teens. Now he has set his sight on taming the atmosphere with Senate Bill 1066, which Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law.

According to our elected officials, “climate change” is having a demonstrable impact on our communities, our culture, and our economy, and therefore the state will invest funds to explore its causes and potential cures. Yet if they already know that climate change is impacting us, why appropriate funds to “study and plan” for global warming?

Only the bravery of the Old Testament Patriarch Joshua, who told the sun and moon to stop, rivals the bravado of our state’s political class, convinced that climate change is man-made and thus requires a man-made solution.

Aside from conserving as well as creating jobs for the California Coastal Conservancy, SB 1066 is another wasteful expansion of government bureaucracy. While Governor Brown wants to direct more of this state’s divested funds to combat climate change, the economic climate remains bleak, black, and blocked with red tape, overregulation, and high taxes.

According to Senator Lieu, the California coast contributes “$40 billion” to the state, yet this wave of trade is diminishing fast. Not the rising ocean levels, but the rising red ink and tax rates from Sacramento are drowning our business communities, forcing an average of five businesses a week out of the state. This is the “inconvenient truth” that Governor Brown, Senator Lieu, and the rest of the Sacramento political class much challenge and change, not our climate, not the wetlands, and certainly not at taxpayers’ expense.

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