Thursday, October 4, 2012

GOP - Revisit the Eleventh Commandment

I am appalled at all of this "Akin Bashing."

Now state senators in the New Jersey are condemning this man -- in state sponsored resolutions.

What are these people thinking? If the Republicans in the North East are so turned about the Missouri Congressman's opinion on abortion, they need to direct their complaints to the party chairmen and amend the platform, which in the opinion of many Republicans is immoral, a standard in which abortion is not permitted under a circumstances.

As I have shared before, this is an extreme position, yet not nearly as extreme as the Democratic Party platform, in which abortion is accepted during any level of

Has the Republican Party lost its bearings?

For all of the GOP trumpeting about Ronald Reagan as the Standard Bearer of the GOP, I would think that party leaders throughout the country would rest on the common ground that they share, especially since now more than every so much depends on solid majorities in the House and Senate to repeal ObamaCare and get the country on track to a firm fiscal footing.

The Republican Congressional Delegation in New Jersey stayed away from the RNC Convention earlier this year precisely because of the staunch social views advertised by the party, views which media moguls and political activists have labeled  "extreme", pushing establishment Republicans to distance themselves from US Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri.

Still, notwithstanding the divergent views on social issues in the Republican Party, the politicians and the staffers need to review the Eleventh Commandment:

"Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican."

Enough with the "Akin Bashing", New England. Go after the party leaders and force some major changes to the party platform.

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