Friday, January 12, 2018

Travis Allen Trumps Low-Energy John Cox in First Debate


The latest Poll again verifies who the clear Republican front runner is, with Travis Allen shy of just 1% from taking the Top Two according to SURVEY USA
With continued massive momentum we are prepping to hit all cylinders as we increase our state wide rallies found throughout the large and small cities of California. Travis continues his energetic pace with appearances at multiple places per day, up and down the state. Our volunteer organization continues to form into the massive ground force it is-- requiring yet more volunteers to process it all!  This is going to be one great and historical race up to November! 

If you just signed up on the "JoinTravisAllen" you are receiving our newsletter for the first time. We would like you to take the next step, everyone reading this is invited and asked to become more than just a supporter and a voter, but also a volunteer. In this state a vote just may not be enoughJoin the fun andBECOME A VOLUNTEER BY CLICKING HERE.
LOW ENERGY JOHN COX- Does he have what it takes to take on NewsomCLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE THE VIDEO. 

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