Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Montana GOP: Leftist Jon Tester Voted to Continue #SchumerShutdown, Put Illegals Ahead of Americans

Montana Republican Party

This is just unbelievable.

Yesterday, in the Senate vote to end the Schumer Shutdown and re-open the government, pay our military and veterans, protect health care for 24,000 Montana kids, and support Montana seniors...

Jon Tester was one of the 18 Democrat Senators to VOTE AGAINST re-opening the government – all in an effort to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. He sided with the most extreme members of the Liberal Party like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders over Montanans!
Tester testing
Montanans' patience

Tester was the only Red-State Democrat who voted to keep the government shut down.

For all his talk of 'political independence,' it's quite clear that Tester has gone completely Washington – doing the bidding of the political establishment and radical special interests to put the needs of illegal immigrants over Montanans.

Arthur, if you've had more than enough Democrat hypocrisy and their disastrous policy, help the Montana Republican Party really do something about it!

This is the 2018 Mid-term Election Year. We have a real chance to send Jon Tester packing and elect a strong conservative leader to take back this seat. Arthur, we can't waste the opportunity to make a real change for Montana and America.

So please step up right now to help Montana Republicans elect America First leaders at all levels and move President Donald Trump's agenda forward by making a crucial contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or more today!


Debra Lamm
Montana Republican Party

P.S. Arthur, Jon Tester and the Democrats just don't get it – Montanans come first – not illegal immigrants. Let's continue our winning streak across Montana this November. Please support the MTGOP now with a donation of $10 or more today!

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