Thursday, January 25, 2018

Corey Stewart Against the Democratic Machine

The outrage over Democrats brazen shutdown of the federal government as part of a desperate attempt to give amnesty to Obama’s 800,000 illegal immigrant DREAMERS is growing stronger by the minute.
And Arthur, here in Virginia where government shutdowns harm the majority of hard-working families, voters are even more furious – and they’re ready to throw the bums out in November.
That’s why I’m writing to ask for your immediate support for my campaign.
Democrat Senator Tim Kaine was already one of the most vulnerable Senators in the country before he tossed Virginians under the bus for illegal immigrant NONCITIZENS.
And just yesterday he sent out an email to Virginians where he admitted that he not only shut down the government over amnesty for illegal immigrants . . .
. . . but he ONLY voted to end the shutdown under promises from GOP “leader” Mitch McConnell to give Schumer and the Democrats a vote on amnesty before February 8.
Fellow conservative, voters won’t forget Tim Kaine’s betrayal come November.
He’s vulnerable.
And I’m counting on your support to help me defeat him and get to Washington to fight for Trump’s America First Agenda.

As you may remember, I previously served as Virginia State Chairman for Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign.
Like President Trump, I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind and stand up for our conservative values – even when attacked and ridiculed by members of my own Party.
And also like President Trump, I know how to win – even in Northern Virginia, where I’ve won several county-wide elections.
That’s why national conservative leaders like Laura Ingraham and Jerry Falwell, Jr. are rallying behind my campaign.

“Corey Stewart is a hard-charging populist conservative.  Tough on immigration, great on trade – he’s not going to mince words, he’s not going to pussyfoot around the issues. . . That’s the right way to defeat Tim Kaine.  I am totally helping him [Corey Stewart], this will be fun.” 
– Laura Ingraham

“Corey Stewart is a fighter who will be a staunch defender of our rights and liberties in Washington.  Corey is a proven vote-getter who will win back Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat for conservatives.  It is viral that we turn the tide in Virginia so that President Trump’s agenda can succeed.  With that in mind, I urge Virginians to back Corey Stewart for U.S. Senate.”
- Jerry Falwell, Jr.

These conservative leaders know Tim Kaine is vulnerable.
They know I’m the only Republican who can defeat him in November – and who you can count on to stand and fight for President Trump’s America First Agenda in Washington.
But I can’t get to Washington to fight for our values without the help and support of grassroots patriots like you rallying behind my campaign.

As Virginia's next U.S. Senator, I'll stand for Law Enforcement and fight tooth-and-nail to END the scourge of illegal immigration taking place right now. 
I'll fight for blue collar workers and for bringing back American jobs from overseas. 
And I’ve got a track record that proves I don’t just talk the talk when running for office -- I also walk the walk.
As Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Prince William County, I’ve received national and regional recognition for implementing the nation's toughest crackdown on illegal immigration -- resulting in Prince William County turning over almost 8,000 criminal illegal immigrants to the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. 
My track record on fighting illegal immigration speaks for itself.
That’s why you can be certain I will NEVER compromise or sell out our conservative values.
During my tenure as Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, our county became the NUMBER ONE locality in Virginia for job growth – and propelled to the NUMBER 3 locality for job growth in the entire nation.
And unlike the false claims of liberal Democrats, I did it without raising taxes.
As Chairman of the Board, I fought to keep taxes and spending low – saving taxpayers $205 MILLION and securing a AAA bond rating for our county, making us one of only 36 jurisdictions in the nation to receive a AAA rating.
That’s why the establishment and the Obama-Clinton Machine are all gunning for me.
I’m a threat to their power structure.
And they’re going all out to stop me from defeating their darling Tim Kaine.
I need your help to fight back and win.

Of course, I understand most folks may only be able to afford $50, $35 or $25.
And I know for others, $10 can be a major sacrifice.
But please know that every dollar matters -- especially this early in the race.
According to most political experts, every dollar raised right now is worth as much as $5 or $10 later down the road.
And every new supporter shows the establishment elite that you and I are serious about taking our country back and installing an America First Majority in Congress.
But whatever amount you can afford to donate, all I'm asking is that you please chip in a donation of any amount to let me know you're committed to helping me defeat Tim Kaine in 2018.
Thank you so much for standing with me.


Corey Stewart
Republican for U.S. Senate (VA)

Paid for by Stewart for Senate, Inc.

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