Monday, January 29, 2018

Travis Allen Dominates Univision Debate

This part of the debate was one of the strongest moments for Travis.

Jorge Ramos depicted a false dichotomy between President Trump and the state of California.

Allen did not run away from the President, but outlined that the next governor should establish the best relationship possible with the White House.

It is wrong for an statewide elected official in California to seek fights, lawsuits, and outright lawlessness as their stance instead of collaboration and cooperation with the federal government and the several states.

This was a great clip, and I am so glad that Travis Allen's campaign has sent it out to his followers. I urge everyone to read, share, and follow Allen.

We need strong leadership in Sacramento, and Allen has demonstrated this resolve time and again,

Dear friends,

Last Thursday night, I participated in the Univision gubernatorial debate.

Right off the bat the Democrats were attacking me. Why? Because they see our campaign as a threat to their vision of the liberal wasteland they're trying to make of California.

It didn't take long for liberal Univision moderator Jorge Ramos to also jump on the "Attack Travis Bandwagon" - so I took him on!
Travis Allen Destroys Jorge Ramos in Debate
Californians need a Governor who will stand up for them and isn't afraid to take on the liberal media.

If you agree with me and think it's time we Take Back California, please considermaking a contribution today. We are $48,652 away from reaching our fundraising goals by the January 31st deadline.

It's time to show Gavin Newsom and his liberal friends in the media that we will not be silenced. It's Time To Take Back California!


Assemblyman Travis Allen

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