Monday, January 29, 2018

More Actions to Stop DACA

We The People Rising
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Subject: Actions to STOP DACA Amnesty
From: Betty Robinson
Date: Mon, January 29, 2018 11:32 am

Dear All--If you forward this, please delete our email addresses first:

Ungrateful, demanding DACA recipients need to apply for citizenship like everyone else. They shouldn't be placed ahead of all those abiding by our laws to immigrate here LEGALLY.

Please contact the President and your other elected officials to express your opinion about the DACA amnesty issue, 
before it's too late!

Send an email to the President, here:
Contact the White House

Contact the White House


Phone number for the president and phone numbers and email addresses for Senators and Representatives, here:
 Elected Officials | USAGov

Elected Officials | USAGov

Find contact information for federal, state, and local government officials.

We are hoping that President Trump's UNacceptable DACA proposal is just part of a deal making strategy and NOT something serious.

You can review the information, listed below, regarding DACAs to help formulate a response, then click on the links above to relay your response.

SO IMPORTANT: if amnesty is given to even just the DACAs (6+ to 800,000) without a REAL stop to Chain Migration (the President's recent proposal still allows the backlog of 4 MILLION to come in), without actual 
funding (not just "authorization") for the WALL, and without instituting mandatory E-Verify--not to mention ending Birthright Citizenship (Anchor Babies), then the Democrats will increase their voting rolls so greatly that the Republican Party will be totally destroyed.

ALSO: with any form of legalization, cries of "taxation without representation" will accompany demands for citizenship!

WHY are ALL Republicans assuming that the ONLY course of action is for DACAs to stay here in our country? Here are some stats from the Heritage Foundation:

-Only 40% graduated from high school
-Over 20% are illiterate
-Only 0.001% (900) are in the military (there is a pathway for them)
-Over 2,000 have been removed from the program for criminal activity
-They were poorly vetted
-They displace citizens in school and the workplace
-They-and other ‘immigrants’-keep wages low
-Any even talk of amnesty causes a surge in illegal border crossings (as Border Patrol agents tell us is happening NOW)
-4 million kids graduate from high school every year and have to compete with DACAs and other illegal aliens for jobs and/or school placement.
All this doesn't even touch on those DACAs who have MURDERED citizens—difficult information to obtain—but just ONE citizen killed is too much!

WHY aren’t any Republicans referring to these REAL statistics about DACAs? No…many Republicans keep talking about families being ‘torn apart’—only our Angel family members (whose loved ones were killed by illegal aliens) can claim that, because for them, it’s permanent.

 A new study shows DACA-age illegal immigrants in Arizona are 884 percent MORE LIKELY to be convicted of crimes:

New study: Flake's DACA dream is Arizona's crime nightmare

New study: Flake's DACA dream is Arizona's crime nightmare

Arizona DACA-age immigrants are far more likely to commit violent crimes than non-immigrants.

WHY are George Soros funded groups like  United We Dream (who organized the protests in D.C. Capitol offices and even at the home of Senator Schumer last week--another, like-group, organized the protest at Disneyland) able to get away with all the harassment, the rude, uncivil and demanding behavior they’re imposing on elected officials and the general public? WHY haven’t there been arrests? ARE THESE THE KIND OF PEOPLE WHO DESERVE CITIZENSHIP???

This recent Harvard-Hall study that shows Americans DON'T want more immigration in our country:

• 65% versus 35% support a DACA deal that ends chain migration, eliminates the visa lottery, and secures a border with a wall
• 68% of respondents opposed the visa lottery
• 79% think immigration should be based on skills, rather than family ties
• 60% believe dreamers should not be given preference to bring the relatives to the United States
• 61% think current border security is inadequate
• 54% support a physical barrier along the southern border
• And 79% want secure borders rather than open borders

#NoDACAAmnesty #NoDACADeal #NoSanctuary


George Soros funded organizations

Every congress member is given an annual budget to cover staff salaries, travel to and from the home district, official mail to constituents and other office necessities. The budgets vary. The average budget for 2011 was $1.45 million.
USA Today 4/6/2012 8:36

“…Catholic Charities gets billions of taxpayer dollars for refugee resettlement and general immigration services, which puts it into the category of a smallish government agency. For example, in 2010, 62 percent of Catholic Charities’ budget was funded by the unwilling taxpayer. The feds and the Catholic bishops are partners.”




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