Monday, January 29, 2018

John Cox Needs a Reality Check: The People of California Want Travis Allen

John Cox, Chicago-born millionaire and three-time loser for elected office, is telling the voting public that we all need some kind of "Reality check."


His latest eblast is a sloppy response to the latest news from the Travis Allen campaign, that he outraised John Cox from individual donors.

I will select a statements from the latest eblast, debunk them, then urge all those reading to get behind Travis Allen for Governor.


If you received an email this morning from Travis Allen's Governor campaign touting raising $368,000 - here's a little reality check. Travis Allen's total raised to date would not buy a single day of television ads in California or a single mail piece to only Republican voters.

So what? Allen has used social media and public appearances to start overcoming this information deficit. Also keep in mind that Meg Whitman spent millions of her own with commercials and radio spots, and still she lost to Jerry Brown in 2010.

John Cox on the other hand has banked more than $3.5 million, from more individual donors. Travis on the other hand, is still at the starting gate.

No he does not. He has put in his own money, a lot of his own money, and the syntax in the eblast shows the deceptive ambiguity at work. Allen is not at the starting gate, but has been outpolling Cox, even after the Chicago business has spent thousands on internet ads.

What? (Please, John, Go Away)
Here are some of the things Travis Allen's campaign failed to mention:

1.    Travis Allen's June 2017 State Assembly re-election campaign account reported $90,196 in debt.
2.    His 2012 State Assembly campaign is still $13,750 in debt.
3.    Much of the recent money Travis Allen touts raising was under the pretense of his gas tax repeal campaign which failed to submit even a single signature by its deadline.

Now they are trying to push the whole "initiative-campaign coffer" argument. That is a failed talking point used by Aaron Park to go after different candidates. Boring.

If we really want a Republican to make it into the top-two, the California Republican Party must unite behind conservative business leader John Cox -- the only candidate with the campaign infrastructure and resources to be competitive and win in both June and November.

Cox is going off the old talking points that he is the only supposed candidate who can win in November. That is not an argument or a campaign platform worth paying attention. Mike Castle of Delaware tried the same argument when he was running for US Senate in 2010. It failed miserably, and he ended up losing to Christine O'Donnell.


Tim Rosales
Campaign Manager
John Cox for Governor 2018

One should note that Cox is relying on consultant class elements. Do we really want more people who depend on Swamp Creatures and the Deep State of Sacramento to seek their bid for Governor?


I want a conservative candidate who has been fighting the fight in Sacramento. I want a successful businessman and political fighter who does not run away from President Trump, who is focusing extensively on stopping illegal immigration and putting California's citizens first.
Travis Allen has taken up the fight for the issues that California voters care about. I don't want a carpetbagger. I want a fighter. That means:


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