Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bad Idea: DACA Nightmares Block Entrance to Disneyland

Wow. The desperation has gone from bad to worse to just plain hilarious!

I cannot believe that the DACA Nightmares would pull a stunt like this. Do they really think that they are winning supporters over to their side when they prevent law-abiding citizens and visitors from all over the world from entering a theme park?

DACA Nightmares block Disneyland

This is nuts.

Check out the report from two LA Times reporters, including reported anti-Semite Hailey Branson-Potts:

JAN 22, 2018 | 12:00 PM

Beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and their allies temporarily blocked a vehicle entrance to Disneyland on Monday, just as the Senate reached an agreement to end the government shutdown brought on in part by a stalemate over the young immigrants' future.

The bias cannot be ignored. "Beneficiaries"? Realy?!

The timing could not have been worse, since the US Senate voted to fund the government and end the unpopular shutdown.

The DACA recipients, commonly called Dreamers, stood in a crosswalk at South Harbor Boulevard around 10 a.m. and blocked buses from entering the Anaheim theme park. The 15 protesters were quickly removed by law enforcement officers and were relocated to a sidewalk, where they held signs and chanted, "No dream! No deal!"

They are not "Dreamers"--they are Nightmares, and they are proving it. They are simply showing how arrogant, spoiled, and entitled they have become.

They do not deserve anything, and this country owes them nothing.

By 10:40 a.m., the protesters had left the area.

That didn't last long, just like the Schumer Shutdown!

"The group is only about 20 people, who have been peaceful. Disneyland is operating as normal today," Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown said in an email.

The government shutdown began at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time Saturday when Democrats in the Senate, joined by a handful of Republicans, blocked a House-passed bill to temporarily fund the government for four weeks.

Cindy Carcamo
Immigrant rights activists right now are blocking #Disneyland entrance on S. Harbor in OC, blocking buses from entering the park. Civil disobedience underway. Protestors want to pressure Congress to pass a clean Dream Act. They chant “No dream. No deal.”

No Dream--and there will be no deal, and the federal government will continue to operate as expected, for American citizens!

9:58 AM - Jan 22, 2018
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Democrats and Republicans are at a stalemate over several issues, especially the future of the DACA program, which has protected nearly 800,000 young immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children.

The stalemate is a false talking point. The United States federal government owes nothing to these illegals. They need to blame Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for lying to this cohort of illegal aliens. They never intended to do anything about illegal immigration and the growing population of illegal aliens. Barack Obama had spoken forcefully against illegal aliens in 2007 and had voted for the wall.

Then he changed his tune and created two unconstitutional programs to divide the country while promoting illegals. This is all wrong, and the Democratic Party is paying the price.

Senate leaders on Monday morning reached an agreement to end the shutdown by passing a stopgap spending bill and committing to tackle the issue of immigration before the next deadline, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York) said Monday.

Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!

Activists with the #OurDream coalition — a group of immigrants' rights organizations — say their protest was meant to pressure Congress to not pass a spending bill until the Dreamers are protected. They said they were tired of "unfulfilled promises" by legislators to settle the matter.

American Dreams matter, and American Lives Matter, not illegal aliens.

Barbara Hernandez, a 26-year-old DACA recipient from Santa Ana, said protesting in front of Disneyland was symbolic.

"It's where dreams come true," she said. "But we're not on vacation anymore. We're still waiting for our dreams to come true."

Yes, their demonstration is symbolic--symbolic of their entitlement mentality hurting this country. They are losing this fight, and American Dreams are going to bounce back stronger than before.

Hernandez said she knew blocking the street could make traffic worse or cause an inconvenience for people. But disruption, she said, is something the Dreamers have become accustomed to.

Yes, and the American people are getting tired of it. They are proving once again that they are not "Dreamers", but Nightmares, racist bigots and entitled adult children who are trying to ruin this country. They do not love the United States of America. They just love the easy money and relative quiescence.

Not OK.

"It's something we go through every day of our lives," she said. "There is always something blocking us from moving forward."

Cindy Carcamo
Law enforcement removed immigrant rights protestors from blocking street into #Disneyland entrance. DACA recipients and allies are now on sidewalk underneath Disneyland sign. Protestors want to pressure Congress to pass a clean Dream Act. They chant “No dream. No deal.”

10:08 AM - Jan 22, 2018
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One woman walking by the theme park shouted at the protesters, "I'm going to call my member of Congress today!"

Good! So will I, and I will call every other member of Congress whom I can alert and tell them to reject every possible form of amnesty or DACA fix or anything else in that arena. This is all wrong, for elected officials to ignore their oaths of office and put the needs of illegal aliens ahead of American citizens.

The woman, who would only give her first name, Carmen, said she supported the activists and thought the minor inconvenience of having to wait to get into Disneyland didn't bother her.

Yes, but I am certain that their disruptive behaviors bothered many others, and voters across the country are getting tired of this nonsense.

A few minutes later, Dusty Roads, of Phoenix, tried to navigate his family past the protesters standing under the Disneyland sign at the park's east entrance.

"What do we want?" the activists shouted.

"We want you to go home," he told them. "We want you to move."

BAM! Head on home, Nightmares, back to your home countries.

Roads, who also disapproved of the massive women's marches over the weekend, said he didn't know the details of the protest but that he found it annoying.

"It's America," he said. "We don't need that stuff. We don't need to protest. All it does is create hate."

Dafne S., a DACA recipient from Los Angeles, said in a statement that "Congress members shouldn't recklessly gamble with the lives of undocumented youth."

"The vast majority of the American public supports the DREAM Act without anything in exchange. We will not stand by while members of our community are forced deeper into the shadows," she said

No, the  majority of Americans DO NOT support this program. They want the borders secure, they want the nation's immigration laws enforced. When Americans learn all the details about DACA recipients and the massive cost to the country, they change their tune quickly.

Claudia Treminio, a Los Angeles DACA recipient, called the stalemate a "wasteful attempt to appease Trump's racist base" and a "way to bankroll his corporate backers."

Calling voters "Racist" is not going to win supporters. Not working.

"We will not stay silent as President Trump and members of Congress use us as bargaining chips to build a border wall," she said.

Final Reflection

I am surprised that the LA TImes reported different opinions about the DACA recipients preventing men and women from entering Disneyland.

Oh, and let's not forget the children who dream about going to the Happiest Place on Earth, too. I wonder how the children felt that they could not get into the amusement park as soon as teir parents brought them in.

Shame on these arrogant, entitled Nightmares. They don't understand that this country does not belong to them, and they are just now starting to wake up and realize that the American voters across this great country do not want a flood of third-world entitled migrants overwhelming this beautiful country.

Keep it up, illegals. Just watch as your demands fade, and the dreams that you are begging for all die away.

Americans First! Trump all the way!

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