Friday, January 12, 2018

Allen vs. Cox: This Video Says It All--Vote for Travis June 5th, 2018!

The Travis Allen Campaign is hitting it out of the park.

He is in a prime spot to stop RINOs and weak Republicans from scaling back Republican chances of entering the Top Two.

Californians need an elected official who will lead in the best interests of taxpaying citizens, not illegal aliens, welfare queens, and Big Labor bosses.

It is an absolute disaster what we are seeing from the Cox Campaign. He wanted to float his entire bid on the Neighborhood Legislature program. That's just not a winning argument. Cox also wants to burst through the primary on the major argument that he is the only Republican who can win the general election.

That argument does not win in a primary contest. Who is this guy's consultant? He's doing a pretty crappy job. Honestly, if the Chicago native had any wisdom, he would have sought a more neutral venue, or at least turned down the "opportunity" to debate at firebrand conservative like Travis Allen in front of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots. That was probably the dumbest move yet from this well-monied yet little-known financier and engineer from Cook County.

Here are the three videos I took from the event:

Travis Allen stomped all over Cox on January 4th, 2018. It was terrible to witness how poorly Cox did.

Just terrible.

This snippet, taken out and sent all over the state by the Travis Allen campaign, shows how bad he did--and how ill-prepared and uninspiring his campaign has become:

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