Monday, January 29, 2018

Election 2018: US Senator Rand Paul Endorses Matt Rosendale for US Senate in Montana

Rosendale for U.S. Senate
This is big news - Kentucky Senator, former presidential candidate, and limited government advocate Rand Paul has joined a growing chorus of leading conservatives, officially endorsing my campaign for U.S. Senate!
As a longtime Libertarian-leaning conservative, I am deeply honored by and incredibly grateful for Senator Paul's endorsement in this race.
And with your help, I am eagerly looking forward to joining him in the U.S. Senate, as part of the next generation of the liberty movement.
Today, I'm asking my best supporters like you to help us spread the word about Senator Paul's endorsement. 
There is so much at stake in the 2018 election. We've built incredible momentum behind my campaign, but we can’t leave anything to chance.
We must unite Montana Republicans and Libertarians of ALL stripes to defeat Jon Tester, who represents the worst of Big Government elitism and cronyism in Washington.
Here's what Senator Paul had to say:
"Matt Rosendale is the type of fearless defender of liberty I want fighting by my side in the Senate. Matt has proven himself a bold defender of our Constitutional rights and he will make an excellent addition to the Senate."
If you agree with Senator Paul and me that our Federal Government has grown too big and too powerful, and is infringing upon the very freedoms that have made our country great, then I hope you will help us spread the word today about this big endorsement.
Defending the Constitution and returning power to Montanans and the American people is a cornerstone of my campaign... and as you know, I mean business and won’t back down from a fight! I've proven so time and time again in recent years, as I've fought for you in the Montana Legislature and as your State Auditor.
Thank you again for ALL your support in this race. I am eager to join Senator Paul in the U.S. Senate, where we will fight together to defend our civil liberties and rein in our overreaching Federal Government.
Matt Rosendale
Candidate for U.S. Senate

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