Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Project Veritas Exposes #FakeNews American Pravda

Thank God for Project Veritas!

Project Veritas


American PravdaLast week, I released my latest book, “American Pravda.” And the book (and Project Veritas) are already attracting substantial attention in the media.

One of the biggest compliments I received? From Michael Goodwin at the New York Post -- who, despite admitting he had mixed feelings about Project Veritas in the past, published an article called “James O’Keefe is bringing back the best practices of journalism.”

Some highlights from Goodwin’s piece:

  • “O’Keefe’s track record is actually pretty good, but his reputation has been battered because journalism organizations don’t regard him as a journalist because he uses deception.”
  • “Part of my changing view is that O’Keefe, despite his mistakes, has revealed evidence of serious wrongdoing and unethical behavior that no one else did or would. Most recently, for example, he captured current and former Twitter managers admitting they use ‘shadow bans,’ which effectively hide a user’s tweets, based on content, without notifying the user. Those are troubling revelations, yet most media coverage bought the company’s claims that the videos amounted to little or nothing.”
  • “…another reason for my changing view of O’Keefe — the reprehensible conduct of so-called legitimate news organizations. They, too, are guilty of deception by pretending to offer straight news when they function more like propaganda outlets for the Democratic Party.”
  • “O’Keefe’s deception is not materially different from theirs. In fact, he’s more honest, admitting he has a conservative agenda to expose the lies of powerful liberal organizations.”

And so on.

Now that the American people are finally beginning to read “American Pravda,” both the book and Project Veritas itself are getting rave reviews--like the one from Michael Goodwin at the Post.

As a valued supporter of Project Veritas, I wanted to make sure you got the chance to see what it’s like to go undercover with our team -- and get a peek at how Project Veritas operates when we’re conducting our investigations.

Don’t miss “American Pravda” -- order your copy now!

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P.S. My latest book, “American Pravda,” is attracting rave reviews -- and I don’t want you to miss out!

Order your copy of “American Pravda” now.

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