Monday, January 29, 2018

This is DACA, and How to Refute the Left-wing Guilt Trip Talking Points

This tweet captures the essence of the argument about DACA.

The parents broke the law, and they brought their children into the country, too, as though it's our fault that these "kids" grew up in the United States, even though this country is not theirs since neither the parents nor the children are law-abiding residents.

This statement explains it all.

The DACA situation has been pushed in our faces as though immigration enforcers are heartless monsters who want to throw kids over the border.

Most of these DACA recipients are adults, and they are agitating, left-wing radicals. Some sources have suggested that up to 50% of the DACA are fraudulent and therefore should have never received it.

70% of the DACA have no skills, most of them live on government subsidy. They are not assets to our country.

Yet even if they were, they do not have a right or an entitlement to legal status, let alone citizens, in this country. Simple as that. Just use the above talking points if anyone tries to harass you with "You want to deport the kids?!"

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