Friday, January 12, 2018

Stepping Up: Trump Supporters Confront Rude Anti-Trumpers in Brea, CA


Ewanni May of South Orange County joined us in our counter-protests against illegal aliens and the DACA advocates going on a DREAM Act bus tour to three Congressmen's offices.

I could not believe that anyone set of illegals would continue to act as though they have a right to harass our Congressmen and demand amnesty. They should thank God that they have lived in the United States as long as they have lived her and ask nicely if they may stay.

Instead, they yell, scream, kick, raise hell, break property, attack American citizens, and act self-righteously, as if they have a right to behave this way.

We are not going to tolerate any of this, and Ewanni joined with us. His mother came to this country legally, having met his father when he was in Korea. They married, and the father brought his mother stateside.

Illegal immigration cannot be tolerated or accepted, no matter what circumstances men and women are claiming to justify the crime.

After pre-empting the protests in Huntington Beach and Irvine, we drove to Brea, CA to stand our ground before Congressman Ed Royce's office. We wanted to make sure that the media and the public knew that there are more people out and about who oppose illegal immigration and amnesty.

Within the first fifteen minutes, a rude thug driving a truck flipped us off. Ewanni and I confronted the creep and slammed him for his disrespect. Then all of a sudden, a guy in a blue shirt pushed Ewanni. I confronted him after he tried to walk off. He had his back turned to me when he was lining up to enter a restaurant, but I refused to let him get away with what he did to Ewanni:

"Why did you push this Asian-American? Is it because he's a Trump supporter?" He tried to mock me, making jokes that I smelled. I dressed him down for his immature conduct. He was speechless that we slammed him in front of everyone.

It was a big victory for all the Trump supporters in Brea.

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