Friday, January 12, 2018

David Min Exposed: Candidate for Congress Shames Citizens in Irvine--"This is Not Your District"


Yesterday, when I was protesting against the DACA recipients and the pro-illegal protesters on the DREAM Act bus tour, this man was standing outside of Mimi Walters' office in Irvine, CA.

He was willing to talk to us, so it seemed.

For about ten minutes, we went back and forth on key issues. He challenged us at least three times "Why are you here? She's not your Congresswoman." What?!

That's pretty offensive. Other members of We the People Rising and LA County for Trump challenged him on these narrow-minded views.

What gives this guy the right or the authority to tell us that we don't get to protest in front of anyone's office? Notice in this video that Min never shames or denounces the DREAM Act bus tour members. Not once does he tell him "This is not your district! You should not be here."

He's a liberal Democrat running against Mimi Walters, and yet he refused to tell us that he was running for Congress, until I saw one of his campaign staffers with a flyer in his had:

He tried to hide his clipboard, but it was too late:

He offered to take pictures with us, until I showed my poster which had the Americans Dreamers killed by illegal aliens. He then ran away, tried to hide from us, then ran up to private security to protect him from us.

Not exactly a man of the people ...

He didn't like that we turned the tables on him.

I may not like some of the choices and stances from Congresswoman Walters, but she is far more preferable to an arrogant liberal who would rather protect illegal aliens at all costs and push a regressive, leftist agenda instead of putting the needs of Americans First.

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