Friday, January 12, 2018

#LyinTed Lieu Suffers Trump Derangement Syndrome: His Twitter Feed Is Proof

Lyin' Ted Lieu is one of the most disingenuous, disrespectful House Reps in Washington DC.

Yes, yes he loves to attack, to troll the President. He loves to be the puppet for left-wing causes. He does whatever Hollyweird and their pack of perverts tell him to do.

He loves illegal aliens, Big Labor unions, the aggressive and perverse LGBT Lobby, environmental terrorists ... and he loves to wear T-shirts are use Twitter.

Lyin' Ted is a true disgrace to our country, but sadly so much of his politics just fits right in with the northern section of the 33rd Congressional District.

I wish that we had someone or something better than Ted Lieu.

But there's more.

Ted Lieu mocks President Trump for using Twitter. Lieu says that the President should spend less time on social media and more time being President.

The funny thing is, though, that Lyin' Ted spends way, way more time Tweeting then President Trump!

I think that Lyin' Ted needs to get back to doing his job and looking over the needs of his constituents in the 33rd Congressional district instead of his juvenile antics against the President, the Republican Majority in Congress, and the American People.

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