Friday, November 10, 2017

Bad Idea: The Nightmare Kids Overrun US Senate Office Building

The Nightmare Kids, illegal alien adults who were brought to the United State as children, decided to barge into the US Senate Hart Building in Washington DC.

I have gone to that building, and I can tell you from direct experience that protesting and demonstrating are prohibited among the offices. Men and women are working in their buildings, so the legal theory of precluding outright demonstrations in the building are understandable, even if debatable.

So, the illegal alien "United We Dream" adult children stormed the offices, 15 of them were arrested, and then then the interest group sends out another email patting themselves on the back for another job well done to demand a Clean Dream Act to be passed by the Democratic Congressional members.

Will this work out? According to Breitbart News, even Democratic voters are starting to sour on any kind of amnesty. These DACA brats have overstayed their welcome as it is, and now they are throwing federal level temper tantrums.

This is not going to work.

Check out their latest eblast:

I’m still reeling from the beauty and power of what this movement accomplished yesterday: the largest mobilization for a clean Dream Act this country has ever seen. 1,500 immigrant youth and allies flooded Capitol Hill to demand that Congress pass a clean Dream Act by December.
8,000 students at 22 campuses across the country echoed our rallying cry by walking out in protest. Dozens volunteered their time to recruit people to take action in DC and across the country. 1,000 people contributed to help cover transportation fees to DC, and others amplified stories from the ground that reached hundreds of thousands of people.
But we can’t stop here. Each day, more immigrant youth lose DACA protections and face deportation.Now is a crucial period to keep up the pressure on Congress: they’re going back to their home districts November 20-22. Across the country, we need everyone flexing their constituent power to demand a clean Dream Act.
In-person meetings are an important tool to speak out against attacks on the immigrant community. With a small window of time before Congress adjourns for the year, this is where we’ve got to focus our efforts. Right now we have over 150 visits scheduled. Let’s make it 500 by this weekend:
Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before. Our site will provide you will all the information you need to make your visit as powerful as our chants at Congress. We’ll also be hosting a webinar on DATE to go into detail and share stories about how undocumented immigrants will be directly impacted.
Thank you again for your courage, commitment, and every contribution you’ve given to this movement. Yesterday we shook the halls of Congress with our voices – now we’ll keep getting louder.
We will win,
Greisa and the rest of the team at United We Dream
P.S. You can see and share more media coverage from the action herehere, and here.

Where do they get the idea that they can demand anything? This is the legacy of teaching Millennials that they are special and wonderful just because. They believe that they can march into any building and demand, demand, demand.

That is 

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