Sunday, September 20, 2015

On Day One, We Need a Walker, Not a Talker

No matter what current polls may read, or the pols on the stage or the media may shout, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the best candidate for the Republican nomination, and the best Presidential prospect to sit in the White House on Day One.

From his proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare, to his latest comprehensive plans to remove the National Labor Relations Board and eliminate labor unions at the federal level, Walker has the purposes and perspective much needed for the Presidency.

While the conservative press praises Donald Trump and other outlier candidates for their harsh rhetoric and boiler-plate campaign operations, Walker was the first candidate to present an Americans First immigration policy. He has Day One proposals to break the strong holds of Big Government special interests in Washington DC. He attacks Hillary Clinton and the illiberal Democratic cabal tearing this country apart.

The latest CNN debate was skewed from the first hour toward promoting a rodeo clown from New York City, whose penchant for big talk is undermined by a his walking contradiction with conservative principles, including his unwavering support for abortion on demand, his pressure on individual residents to give up their homes for his real estate empire, and his frequent resorting to bankruptcy protection for numerous failing business.

Now more than ever, this country needs a decider, not a debater; a leader, not a follower. Most importantly, this country doesn’t need a talker, but a Walker.

I want Scott Walker for President on Day One.

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