Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Huntington Park City Attorney Answers My Questions

After the September 8, 2015 Huntington Park City Council meeting, I contacted the city attorney, Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, to get more answers about his tenure with the city, and his opinions on the legal matters which had brought so much (justly) heated protest to the city council meetings.

I contacted Glasman's law firm, Alvarez-Glasman and Colvin --  based in the City of Industry -- and personal assistant Maxine Caudillo received my questions.

Huntington Park City Attorney
Arnold Alvarez-Glasman

I received the following answers on September 21, sent in PDF with his law firm's letter head, the same day as the next city council meeting.

The attorney's comments appear in italics and my questions appear in bold letters.

September 21 , 2015
13181 Crossroads Parkway North
Suite 400-West Tower
City of Industry, CA 91 746
Tel: 562.699.5500
Fax: 562.692.2244

Mr. Schaper:

I normally would not respond to an email such as yours because much of what is contained in your email is either incorrect or comes from a point of view that has a predetermined view on the
issue or my role as City Attorney. However, as a courtesy in providing accurate information
here are my responses to your questions. (Note: I have not corrected the grammatical or typographical errors contained in your email, but have copied your questions verbatim):

l. How long have you been working for Huntington Park as a City Attorney? 

My firm was hired by the City of Huntington Park in April 2015.

2. How much are you getting paid per hour? Are you receiving a salary? How much money have you gotten for business expenses so far? I do not receive a salary or receive "business expenses. "

Our law firm 's hourly rate is between $185 to $190 per hour for attorneys and $100
per hour for paralegal/law clerk services. We do receive reimbursement for facsimiles, copies
and other related costs.

3. Are you serving as a city attorney for other cities at this time? Which ones? 

Our firm represents numerous public agencies. Please refer to our website for this information.

4. You acknowledged in the September 8th, 2015 city council meeting that you did not know the statusWhy do you not know the status of the livescan process for the two illegal aliens appointed to city commissions? 

You have mischaracterized my non-responsiveness to your verbal attack towards me at the September 8, 2015 Council meeting as a response to your question. I did not respond to your comments directed to me that night. It should be noted, the City Attorney's office does not direct nor is involved in the LiveScan process, and is not involved in nor receives reports on LiveScan results.

5. I have researched the federal and state law on this matter. These two illegal aliens have already broken the law. How can there even be a livescan and background check for the two, since they are "undocumented"?

I will not address your "legal " conclusions on this issue, but LiveScan background checks have been conducted.

6. Can you explain the allegations against you coming from Sandra Orozco:

"Southeast activist Sandra Orozco distributed a list of newspaper articles concerning complaints, charges and issues with Alvarez-Glasman. They included complaints filed recently with the State Bar Association of "numerous conflicts" at Central Basin, and noting that Alvarez-Glasman has served as or is currently city attorney in Bell Gardens, Montebello, Pico Rivera, Pomona and Yountville. The latter city is in Northern California."

Ms. Orozco has been quite vocal in her views ofme and my law firm. She is not correct in her assertions. She certainly is entitled to her views.

7. I want an answer as to why I was removed from council chambers for asking questions or making comments about agenda items during the Sept 8, 2015 HP city council meeting. 

The Brown Act requires city council members to allow for comments from the audience on all agenda items. You were provided an opportunity to address the City Council on both agendized and non-agendized matters before the City Council consistent with the City 's Rules of Decorum, but you chose to speak only on the Commission appointment issue. You were out of order at the September 8, 2015 Council meeting when you disrupted the meeting and attempted to speak during the non-public comment period of the meeting.

Thank you for your concern in matters involving Huntington Park.

Arnold M. Alvarez-Glasman, City Attorney

The city attorney refused to comment on the legality of the LiveScan process for the two illegal aliens.

Incredible. He is the city attorney, is he not?

Contact the Huntington Party City Attorney, and demand answers for his decision to preside and support the appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions. Then demand the removal of the two illegal appointees as soon as possible.

Southern California
13181 Crossroads Pkwy North
Suite 400 - West Tower
City of Industry, CA 91746
tel 562.699.5500 -------- fax 562.692.2244    
Northern California
6525 Washington Street Suite 12
P O Box 4016
Yountville, CA 94599

tel 707.944.0540 ---------- fax 707.944.058


  1. Your harassment is sick.

    1. No your criminal actions are sick. If you don't like what the American people are doing then go back to your country! Now!

  2. The city is 350 million in debt and they are paying almost $200 per hour to an attorney firm. I this firm another one of their friends or family members just like their hired the two illegals because they worked a campaign for one of the board members. I was present at the H.P. meeting and it was the anti-American group that was out of order. They complained about people coming from out of the district, but they fail to realize that most of them come from out of the country. They want special laws and privileges while America Citizens who have worked hard suffer.They harassed the Pro-American group by jumping in our faces before and after the meeting. We will not back down because we represent our country. If they want respect they need to give respect. If they don't like what we are doing then they can go back to their country.

  3. been following this whole fiasco and it is ridiculous... it is as though a citizen of any country in the world is actually a citizen of Huntington Beach and the only difference between the two is where they are geographically located at the moment. would be interesting to get an answer to the question: if one of these individuals was deported would they still hold their post in Huntington Beach? if so, why? if not, why not?