Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"But I Don't Even Really Work Here!"

I have been let go and I have quit media sites all over the country.

No should shame you if you have been fired from a job, and there is nothing wrong with quitting.

Now that Truth Revolt is also off my list, I am letting it all hang out - and I am loving every minute of it!

Arthur has not committed suicide, and his career has not been murdered.

I also like reading that along with Dr. Ben Carson and Maine Governor Paul LePage, Jerry Seinfeld has declared war on Political Correctness.

And to Seinfeld I will go to share another funny story or rather sentiment after getting let go from another company. It must have been hard for them, because it was not like they were paying  me. When the site old me to take a hike, I felt like Kramer in the "Corporate Kramer" episode.

He uses the corporate bathroom, then steps out to help one associate with the broken copier machine.

All of sudden, other business associates are running out of their offices, cubicles (whatever).

Now he has a purpose in life, and Kramer has to wake up early and get to work before he loses track of his work, falls behind, and "It's over" from the boss.

The episode was particularly funny because Jerry and Kramer would bicker and fight about Cosmo's long hours at the office, then he comes home tired, etc.

"We never doing anything together anymore!" Jerry whines.

Kramer gets the bad news (Pinterest)

Lots of fun.

The only difference between Kramer and me on the fateful day?

The "boss" liked my work, and even wrote me a letter (with a check paying me for one article), and told me "You are a talented writer."

Still, I guess in one sense I could repeat Kramer's plea:

Writing is not work for me in the slightest.

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  1. LOL! From the title, I thought you were actually referring to the president. My bad, I guess.