Monday, September 7, 2015

Truth Revolt Fail: Silencing the Truth

I have left three media companies, websites, whatever you want to call them.

The first major company that I quit, Go Local Prov, gave  me ample opportunity to publish my conservative views in the most liberal, Democratic state in the Union: Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

The CEO of the company, Josh Fenton, was an approachable, affable man at first, open to granting individual writers a forum for their views. As the company expanded, however, Fenton became a darkened tyrant. dominating to what extent individuals could share their content on other sights. He even told me that I could not call into Rhode Island radio stations. When a conservative radio host, John DePetro, was under attack from public sector unions and other left-wing fronts, he told me not to look further into it, then shut me down when I investigated the illicit undercurrent behind the labor union protests.

I ended up quitting the company when I learned that he was not paying his editors on time, plus the fact that he insulted me and demeaned my own contributions. He refused to listen or engage his staff. He showed no respect for their work. For all his knowledge about breaking into new media markets, he had failed to follow his own advice and nurture the talent which wrote the superior content for his website.

The next media site in Rhode Island, 990WBOB, was more alternative, less picky. Of the writers and contributors on the site, I noticed that my work got the most hits, views, and comments, in part because I shared what I wrote on Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, I was blessed with a strong following of conservative readers who would comment and share what I wrote.

Unlike the mainstream press in the Ocean State, I was investigating and reporting on the pay-for-play corruption of the Democratic political class, including Congressman David "Grand Theft Auto" Cicilline. The owner of that company got angry when I complained about a curse-laden fundraiser for homeless veterans. Conservatives and less hasty media contacts in Rhode Island told me that he was a a high-maintenance fool, anyway, and he took particular exception to my articles calling out homosexual conduct.

I began to worry. If even alternative media forums cannot stand up to Big Homo, and even they cave in the face of assaults on freedom of speech, then what is the point of the First Amendment? The democratization of the media was supposed to end corporate and special interest censorship.

Now I write about Truth Revolt, a project which David Horowitz had put together, working with Ben Shapiro, Andre Klavan, and Kurt Schlicter. I loved the idea of punching back at Big Media and their liberal fraud. Putting together petitions to pressure corporations to stop promoting on left-wing news organizations worked for me. Most importantly, the necessity to "punch back twice as hard" as media bias really thrilled me.

Yet within a year, the media site was falling apart. Viewers were not visiting the website as much as one would have hoped. Eventually, the major writers were no longer contributing. One of them informed me that the website stopped paying them.

How about that? Just like Josh Fenton stiffing his editors.

Truth Revolt caves to Big Homo

When another editor, Mark Tapson, took over, he invited me to offer commentary and reporting. He tried to meet with the owners of the site to start paying people - but they refused to do that. What is it with some of the conservative media owners? Do they really think that people can write and report for free?

Beyond that, Truth Revolt engaged in selective censorship, too.

When I wanted to report on a Boston, MA urologist terminated from his job because he objected to the hospital's promotion of Gay Pride events (and he reported on the damaging consequences of same-sex conduct), Tapson refused to print. "David Horowitz does not want to get into the gay marriage fight, because he believes that is not a fight we can win", was the gist of Tapson's response.

Ouch! The conservative cause caves before Big Homo again.

I had asked a number of times for clarity on which subjects were off limits for Truth Revolt. I never got a clear answer. I even submitted an article criticizing a WaPo Op-ed, in which an educator and father openly approves of his daughter's homosexual then transgender identity: "My poor black transgender child!"

Tapson quashed that one too.

Big Tranny scares Truth Revolt, too?

Tapson admitted that he did not know where David Horowitz stand on gay marriage.

I did the research, and found out on my own: Horowitz is pro-gay. That is ridiculous.

This fad of fiscal conservatism combined with social liberalism undermines the cause. There can be no liberty without a secure footing in the truth and cultural norms. Children do not become free and able adults without strong parenting which guides those children.

The attacks on life, family, and marriage are crucial battle fronts in the culture wars, and the fact that "conservative" news sites like Truth Revolt do not want to touch let alone confront those fights is very disappointing as well as alarming. It was especially frustrating because the site would print nothing about Boston doctor Paul Church, yet had no problem jumping on the media bandwagon to report on Kim Davis.

I subsequently quit writing for them too, after only five months.

I would further add that Horowitz' cowardice to take on these telling, essential issues may be one major reason why no one reads his website anymore. Any kind of revolt against the establishment must include a ready willingness to take on fights which are presumably unpopular and look destined at first to fail.

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