Monday, September 14, 2015

California Attorney General Kamala Harris: MIA on Huntington Park

Kamala Harris has "served" as California Attorney General for the past four years, and yet lawlessness in regards to immigration has gotten worse, not better.

(Don't blame me. I voted for LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley!)

California Governor Jerry Brown has turned California into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens at the expense of legal residents, whether born or naturalized.

I have been privileged to meet with Californians of all backgrounds and ethnicities, and they are outraged with the lack of enforcement in the state.

Just last week, the major newspapers reported that ICE had picked up illegal aliens with criminal records.

Now in Huntington Park, rampant abuse and neglect of the rule of law has reached a national pitch. The Big Three (CBS, NBC, ABC) reported on the appointment of these two illegals. National Public Radio is still printing about the uproar and outrage of these brazen illegal acts.

Yet in all of this, Attorney General Kamala Harris says nothing.

I contacted the Attorney General's office in Los Angeles, and the operator informed me that Harris' office have received a number of complaints about the illegal happenings in Huntington Park.

The sad irony is, that our statewide law enforcement agencies are still not doing their job to enforce the law!

Adding insult to ignorant injury, Harris released two eblasts touting her campaign for US Senate next year, with nothing about securing our borders or upholding the rule of law.

The day before 9-11, she actually had the nerve to slam Congressional leaders for not doing their job:


If you showed up to work tomorrow and refused to do your job, chances are you’d be fired. Yet that’s exactly what Washington is threatening to do.

How quaint and irritating at the same time. Harris not doing her  job. She should be fired!

Congress is running up against a federal budget deadline, and negotiations have not even been scheduled. Extremists are even threatening to shut down the government unless Democrats agree to defund Planned Parenthood.

""Extremists"? Really? Protecting the life of children still unborn in the mother's womb. That is not an extremist position, but mainstream. Even pro-choice elements in this country (like former New York State Governor George Pataki) want to defund Planned Parenthood.

There are other issues at stake in the federal budget, too, such as ending President Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty and stopping the ongoing pillage of the national treasury to other uncalled for executive actions.

How about sending a clear message to the President and his supporters (how few there are) against his weak, dispirited Iran Deal which basically subsidizes the rogue Muslim Mullah terrorists to keep investing in nuclear power while the world take their "word".

Washington needs to get it together and do its job.

Kamala is running to fight against this kind of dysfunction, and it’s our job to make sure she has the resources she needs. This month, we’ve got a huge deadline of our own -- our end-of-quarter FEC fundraising goal. Can you give $5 or more to help get our organization off on the right foot?

CA AG Kamala Harris: MIA

How about she get on the right foot with the law and start doing her job?

It’s clear that Washington doesn’t think women have the right to make health care decisions about their own bodies. But they shouldn’t be allowed to grind the government to a halt when they don’t get their way.

I cannot resist debunking this fraudulent argument. Abortion is about two bodies: the mother and the baby. Ask any pregnant woman carrying a child to term. Harris will not enforce the law, and her knowledge of biology and maternity is wanting, too.

Should she still be in office?

Remember what happened last time extremists shut the government down to prove a political point? Our economy lost $24 billion.

"Our" economy? What is she talking about? We lost billions more when Obamacare state health insurance and federal exchanges went "live", then stopped and stalled. Six exchanges have gone bust, and Republican Governors have been cleaning up the mess and investigating the waste and fraud.

Show your support today and stand up against this dysfunction.

Thank you.

Team Kamala

Her next eblast did touch on immigration, but only in bland generalities, with nothing about enforcement:


We’ve heard a lot of angry, outrageous comments in the immigration debate lately. Some of the comments are enough to make you cringe.

The silence of our law enforcement officials makes me cringe. The lack of enforcement makes me angry.

It’s no surprise -- anger and outrage are good for getting people riled up and getting on TV. But it’s no way to craft policy, and it’s definitely no way to run a country.

Did she not engage in that kind of "riled up and getting on TV" rhetoric with her last eblast talking about a government shut down in Washington?

There are 10 million immigrants in California alone. Two million are undocumented.

No, they are illegal, Kammy, and that baby is another body in the mother's womb.

Regardless of what others say on the news, the vast majority of those immigrants follow the law. They are our neighbors and our coworkers. They work hard, pay taxes, and raise their families.

What about those who do not follow the law, besides the fact that they came to the country illegal and broke numerous laws with their presence and their application processes?

These families deserve a pathway to follow their American Dream. Turning them into scapegoats isn’t leadership, it’s grandstanding. And it won’t fix our broken immigration system.

What about the legal residents in this country, whether born or naturalized? Don't they deserve something? Anything? They are following the law, and the California Attorney General has brushed them aside to placate illegal aliens and the government interests which profit from their exploitation and misuse.

We need to provide these families with a pathway to follow their American Dream. Join me today to speak out for the millions of immigrant families that can’t speak for themselves. Sign the petition and call for comprehensive immigration reform.

Who is "we", Harris? If you want them in this country, then you pay for them. You provide for their needs. You do not get to misuse public funds at the expense of law-abiding taxpayers. When will  you do something about the two illegal aliens sitting on two city commissions in Huntington Park?

Good policy doesn’t end with an exclamation point. Ignorant comments and political grandstanding don’t solve problems -- especially with something as complex as immigration reform.

Immigration reform is not complex if those entrusted with protecting and promoting the rule of law would simply do their jobs. Harris still refuses to do the job she was hired -- elected! -- to do. 

As California’s Attorney General, I’ve taken on predators who prey upon immigrants and worked hard to build trust between immigrant communities and law enforcement.

What about illegal aliens who prey on legal residents? She has said nothing about the death of Kathryn Steinle, who was murdered by a seven-time repeat offender illegal alien in Sanctuary City San Francisco. Didn't her dreams matter?

The next United States Senator from California has to be bold, brave, and willing to take on the right wing fear mongers on immigration. And I’m ready to do just that.

She neglected to mention the left-wing fear-mongers, who have aided and abetted illegal aliens in the United States, particularly California, and who have sat back and done nothing while rogue city councilmembers in Huntington Park have appointed illegals to public service positions. Legal residents deserve those appointments. What about them? Don't their dreams count? What about their pathway to service?

But today, we need to work together. The flood of politically-motivated appeals to fear and division around immigration demand a powerful response.

Add your voice to mine in calling for comprehensive immigration reform. Click here and sign.

Thank you for joining me today -- and for standing up for the people who come to this country in search of a better life.


Before soliciting any money from anyone to become the next US Senator from California, Harris should stop acting Missing in Action, and have the two illegal aliens, Francisco Medina and Julian Zatarian, removed from the Huntington Park, CA city commissions and deported.

Contact Attorney General Kamala Harris, and demand that she do her job!


  1. Harris stated "Ignorant comments and political grandstanding don’t solve problems" We say "abuse of power and not protecting American Families is neglect of duties. She is being paid to service her constituents, not illegal criminals which she continues to defend and release back into society to kill, steal and destroy. She is incompetent and politically arrogant, what a dysfunctional nut case serving in office.
    Americans are dying at the hands of illegal aliens and she turns her head and allows them to do whatever they please. There is one rule of law in this land and Harris is not it.

  2. "Kountry Klub Kami" Harris wants to replace "Blimpie Barbie" Boxer when she leaves the Senate? I'm voting for Elizabeth Emken when she goes to battle again. I personally met Emken the afternoon of the 2012 election when she came to my workplace as a guest on our live radio show "The Bottom Line." Emken is a class act who can defeat Harris by exposing "Kountry Klub Kami" and her "Dirty deeds done dirt cheap."