Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Medina and Zatarain: Have You Been Sworn In?

Undocumented Miranda Zatarain (Screenshot / ABC7 / Twitter)
Francisco Media and Julian Zatarain (Breitbart -Screenshot / ABC7 / Twitter)Twitter
I attended the September 8th, 2015 Huntington Park City Council meeting.

Once again, residents in the city and throughout the state attended to blast the city council for appointing two illegal aliens, Francisco Medina and Julian Zatarain, to two city commissions.

Have they already been appointed? Were they already sworn in?

How can this be possible? Appointed candidates have to submit documents proving that they are legal residents of the city and the country.

Since these two individuals love to tell everyone that they are "Undocumented", they obviously do not have documents.

How then can the be sworn in onto any city commissions?

Last night, the uproar was incredible once again.

A number of concerned citizens from all over the Southern California region descended on the city, and attended the meeting. They called out the city council for their lives and misrepresentation of the city. Pro-illegal alien supporters tried to paint critics as racist or xenophobic, which is simply not true.

Before the meeting began, I confronted Zatarian, and asked him if he had been sworn in. He said that he had  not been sworn in as a city commissioner, but Francisco Medina was.


I spoke with a deputy in the city clerk's office. I submitted a number of public records requests (some of which were a repeat because they had not sent me any pertinent information before.) One of the deputies there told me that one of the two illegal aliens had been sworn in already.

How is this possible? The ceremony has to be done publicly, and requires background checks as well as legal documentation, including Social Security numbers. They have no documentation because they are -- in their own words! -- undocumented, i.e. illegal aliens.

During the public comments of the city council meeting, a number of people demanded answers from the city council about whether the illegals had been sworn in or not. Some of the comments from the city council gave the impression that Medina and Zatarain had already been sworn in.

The kicker came after public commentary ended.

One of the city councilmembers, Valentin Amezquita, asked about the status on the livescan process.

The city attorney, Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, admitted that he did not know the status on the livescan process for the two illegals.

I could not believe what I heard. I even confronted the attorney as the council withdrew to closed session: "How could you not know? How could you not know? 

So, one of the councilmembers has already been sworn in, or has he? The city attorney doers not know what is going on, and the rest of the city staff is clueless or corrupt - I side  with corrupt!

As the council moved to closed session, I confronted Francisco Medina: "Have you been sworn in yet? Have you been sworn in?"

He refused to answer. Another HP resident confronted me, then tried to silence me. 

So, the question remainds: Have Media and Zatarain been sworn in yet? They have already broken the law living in this country illegally. When illegal aliens then apply to sit on a city commission, they have also violated the law, passing false documentation.

They should be sworn in, to a jail cell then deportation.


  1. You are 100% Right Art, where are the Public Defenders for the County, the State? They need to arrest the Whole Damn City Government !

  2. You are 100% Right Art, where are the Public Defenders for the County, the State? They need to arrest the Whole Damn City Government !

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