Sunday, September 27, 2015

Does Illegal Alien "Commissioner" Francisco Medina Live in Huntington Park?

Linda Caraballo, former Huntington Park city councilmember and ongoing activist in the city, excoriated the city council for appointing the two illegal aliens, Julian Zatarain and Francisco Medina, to two city commissions, while passing over many legal residents who are more than qualified to represent the City of Perfect Balance on public advisory boards.

I looked over the commission application from Francisco Medina.

The immediate contact information was removed, but the other information listed on the application contradicted some of the comments he has made in the past.

While supporters had claimed that he had done a great deal of work for the city. His application answers indicate otherwise.

Francisco Medina

Describe any qualifications, experience and education, as well as any technical or professional background you have have relative to the duties of this position.

I have graduated from a four year university (CSUDH) California State University, Dominguez Hills with the following disciplines: Sociology and Chicana/Chicano Studies. Also, I had the privilege to complete one yer fellowship program in Health Care Management  from UCLA. In Addition I have mentored low income high school students entered fields of health and provided college students.

One has to ask: provide college students want? What does a college degree have to do with serving one's city?

Other volunteer activities or organizations you are involved with.

I am currently working for a non-profit organization known as "Tell That Story", where I have learned that there are millions of underage children who have forced to work in the sex industry. These children are exploited and lack basic education. Unfortunately, there are not enough professionals to represent these underprivileged children.

Has Medina done anything for Huntington Park? For a candidate who cares about exploitation of children, he has no problem with the city council exploiting him and endangering his status in the country. He has brazenly announced that he is an illegal alien living in Huntington Park. At any time, ICE will arrest and deport him and Zatarain.

What is particularly disturbing about this application? In the box where the applicant must list the number of years residence in Huntington Park, the applicant wrote: N/A

So, he wants to serve the city, but his residence in the city is "not applicable"?

Let's ask a better question: does he even live in Huntington Park? (And why hasn't the Park and Recreations Commission met in over two years?)

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