Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Doing Business (?) in Huntington Park, CA

Like many cities, Huntington Park, CA  has its own Chamber of Commerce. This group branches out to include other cities in the region, including South Gate.

The official title of this chamber is:

The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce

This organization, an association of concerned and active businesses in a community, can be influential or ineffectual, depending on the time and resources which the participating businesses wish to invest in the region and on behalf of residents as well as visitors.

For the past three city council meetings in HP, I have listened to residents complain about the lack of good dining and shopping opportunities in the city.

Francisco Rivera shared at the podium that he has a relaxing time - in other cities, and wondered aloud how long it will take before he can come back to his own city and enjoy the weekend there.

Other comments have talked about the dirty atmosphere in the city, including Pacific Blvd, which used to be a frequented shopping area, very popular and profitable.

Not any more.

The latest city council meeting discussed the rising amount of trash and debris in the city, particularly because of illegal dumping.

Is anyone surprised that there is so little business and so much dysfunction? The current city council has chose to cater to illegal aliens instead of legal residents and businesses.

Where is the Chamber of Commerce? They need to clamor for law and order in their city.

This rogue city council will only scare away more business if they refused to uphold state and federal law.

For years, residents in Huntington Park decided to leave instead of resist the encroachment of illegal aliens into their city, which has ruined the character and the contour of the community.

One resident, Huntington Park Betty, ie Betty Retama, refused to run away. Where else is she going to go? If she fled to Downey or even to Long Beach, the same immoral illegality would merely seep into surrounding neighborhoods, with more people who choose to flee rather than fight.

The days of running away from flagrant lawlessness is over.

The residents are speaking out and demanding action against the city council. The Huntington Park Chamber of Commerce should do the same.

Now, after the latest city council meeting, I wanted to follow up on reports that one of the illegals, Julian Zatarain, owns a business in the city. More questions rise. How can an illegal alien, with no papers, no documents? What documents did Zatarain submit to the city council in order to get a business licenses to operate in the city?

I called the Huntington Park Chamber of Commerce last night to leave a message. I also contacted the Chamber through their Facebook page.

You can access the page at this link.

I sent and received the following messages:

The Huntington Park Business Community needs to hold the City Council accountable for violating the rule of law and permitting two illegal aliens to sit on city commissions - at the expense of legal residents who deserved a chance.

Please contact the city council members who voted for the two illegal aliens, and tell them to respect city residents - legal residents!
Thank you for the message. We appreciate your time.
Can you give me information on the business of Julian Zatarain
Our members are listed on our website. Please feel free to review. In case if it is not listed on there, we will let our webmaster know. Thank you.

I clicked on two of the links, and got an Error 404 message.

After I called the Chamber this morning, I asked more direct questions about Julian Zatarain and Francisco Medina. Did they own businesses in the city? Where?

The woman who answered the phone, Stephanie, claimed that she looked up the names, and could not find either one.

Perhaps they are not members of the Chamber of Commerce at all.

Some of the businesses listed in another Directory Link either have nothing listed, or when I called one number, I got in touch with a person who did not give an professional introduction.

Here is one sample of what I found on the Directory Link:

Trimming Land Company
South Gate, CA
Curb Appeal Group (Landscaping)
Huntington Park, CA

When I contacted the Curb Appeal Group (?) - I got one person who refused to tell me anything.

I looked under these businesses because sources had informed me that Julian Zatarain runs a landscaping businsess. I contacted a second time, and got no answer.

I ask all readers to contact the Huntington Park Chamber of Commerce and demand information on what they are doing nothing to protest the city council's appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions. If there is no law, there is no commerce. Where there is blatant disregard for the law, there is

6330 Pacific Blvd.Suite 208
Huntington Park, CA 90255

Office: (323) 585 - 1155
Fax: (323) 585 - 2176


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