Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Where Do Huntington Park City Council Members Live?

My investigations against the Huntington Park, CA City Council are ongoing.

Since August 17th, when I attended the first city council meeting in that municipality after their misguided, wicked decision to appoint two illegal aliens, Francisco Medina and Julian Zatarain.

I asked the city clerk for information about the legal residence of two of the city councilmembers, for I heard numerous stories from city residents that they did not live in the city, or that they had run for office while living in another city.

They referenced a statue in the Public Records Act which forbade them from sharing the information.

There is so much going wrong in Huntington Park, that keeping up with the folly and corruption is just beyond me.

I had requested the information on two city councilmembers, in that they were not actually living in Huntington Park.

This criminality has emerged in Carson, CA, too, where the current mayor is under investigation for not living in the city. Councilmember Nanette Barragan also stepped down, and allegations suggest that she stepped down because she actually did not live in Hermosa Beach at all.

What do some of these politicians really think that they can get away with?

Now, as for the current city councilmembers in Huntington Park. . .

Aside from Valentin Amezquita, who voted against  appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions, the other councilmembers are facing intense pressure, and it is getting worse.

Mayor Karina Macias finally felt the heat, and before the council withdrew into closed session, she announced her legal address. Long-time HP resident Betty Retama also provided me their legal addresses, too.

How was she able to get this information, and not me?

At any rate, here is the information on the four HP city councilmembers who voted to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions:

Jhonny Pineda (he sought the appointment of the two illegal aliens)

Jhonny Pineda
4326 E. 60th Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8967

Graciela Ortiz
6928 Mountain View Ave.
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8852

Karina Macias:
2411 E. Gage Ave, Apt. 10
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 482-6640

Marilyn Sanabria:
3425 Live Oak Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone: (323) 356-9498

I invite every person who reads this post to call these city councilmembers and demand that they rescind the illegal appointments of illegal aliens. Send them mail! Let them know that the world is watching them and wants them out of office for good


  1. I'm going to call all of them to congratulate them for having gumption and courage to do the right thing. Arthur leave the community of Huntington Park alone and stop spreading your hate.

    1. Council Members Just Are Using This Community For Their Own Benefit
      low income, low education level, poor political basic knowledge on what really affect the community and the lowest voting activism.
      no one can deny it is a sanctuary city, just walk their streets.
      and politics manipulate that for their own benefit, but collateral damage comes for American/ legal citizens living here.
      kids/community supporting their friends(illegal commissioners) need to show more respect for this country.
      you are just showing the entire country you do not have identity, moral , values. you are from nowhere.
      help them, guide them, teach them basic laws ( at least)
      moral values,good civic behavior, and language. ASSIMILATION PLEASE.

  2. American LAW has to be upheld. Laws are meant to be upheld by all citizens. If you don't like the law, campaign for change and vote in new laws! ILLEGALS in this country are not citizens and can't hold positions in city office. That is not hate, that is fact. The fact that they were voted onto a commission, is ILLEGAL and thus VOID. They must step down and feel lucky that they, since they are criminals, haven't been deported.