Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Statement to Huntington Park, CA City Council -- September 8th, 2015

Good Evening, Mayor Macias and Huntington Park CA, City Council.

My name is Arthur Christopher Schaper, a life-long citizen of the United States born and raised in Torrance.

I have spoken before this elected body before, although at this point I do not believe that I can call all of you dutifully elected officials.

Every one of you took an oath of office to uphold the United States Constitution, not your political careers, not your personal bank accounts, and certainly not your well-connected cronies looking for easy money at someone else’s expense.

I have spoken with residents in this city. They do not respect what you are doing, and they recognize the corruption and malfeasance at work in this city.

I asked the city clerk for information about the legal addresses for two of you – and they gave me nothing but the run-around.

Your legal residence is a matter of public record, as a matter of necessity!

I have written about your prior residences. I have already spoken with the press and investigative reports, and believe me, they have their eyes on you.

This whole city council is looking more and more like the city of Bell, yet magnified times ten.  Former city manager, now convicted felon Robert Rizzo confided to his colluding fellow criminals: “Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.” I should add: “Illegal aliens get deported. Lawless elected officials get thrown out of office.” Who knows what future lays for those of you on this council who insist on governing for a corrupt political machine. As for you Mr. Pineda, you are a national disgrace. You have insulted millions of legal residents, and their friends and neighbors, whether born or naturalized. To Julian Zatarian, 21, and Francisco Medina, 29, I have to ask: how is this serving your city, or this state?

Have those two been sworn in yet? If so, I can tell you that whoever is responsible has already broken the law. A background check requires documentation. If you are “undocumented”, then you are ineligible.

Huntington Park City Council Chambers (Legalinsurrection.com)

One member chided the audience last time: “Show some respect!” My answer: You need to respect the rule of law, rescind these appointments, and get off the city council. There is no excuse, none, for anyone of you to reject the rule of law and replace it with your own political dictates. You may not crucify legal residents on a cross of Big Amnesty, and call it a humanitarian effort.

We are a nation of laws, not men.

As of now, I support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for President. He repealed in-state tuition for illegal aliens.He joined with twenty-six governors against President Obama's unlawful, unconstitutional, executive amnesty. Unlike other candidates, he had the courage to say to an illegal alien family, most likely propped up by liberal media to make him and all those who support secure borders look bad -- and he declared to them: "We are a nation of laws". Democrat Barbara Jordan of Texas and others residents of all backgrounds will not stand by and allow a small set of Big interests take advantage of the little guy, and certainly not here in my backyard.

Cities are for citizens, city commissions are for citizens, and city councils must serve both. Eric Schmidt, the mayor of Hesperia, and his council just passed a measure which will ensure that anyone appointed to a city commission must be a voting resident. That means that have to live in the city, legally, as citizens. I will be asking my city council to ensure the same thing.

If you do not like the laws, you change them. If we do not like our leaders, we recall them!

As I have said before, I will say it again – “We the People” implies “We the Citizens” – not “We the Illegal Aliens” or “We the Special Interests”.  I reject your piece-meal, de facto amnesty, and I look forward to seeing a number of you off this city council and sitting in a jail cell.

[Note: once again, due to time constraints, I was not able to read every part of this statement, but more than enough came through]

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