Monday, September 21, 2015

My Comments to Huntington Park City Council: September 21, 2015

Good Evening, Huntington Park City Council
I first want to commend Councilman Valentin Amezquita, for standing up for the truth, and standing before this rogue city council to indict all of this politicized drama. Pension liabilities, budget shortfalls
To the remaining four members of this city council, who hopefully will not remain much longer as elected officials: You are not the law. You are not above the law. We the People will always mean “We the Citizens”, and never “We the Illegal aliens.”
I am happy to report that in my city, residents must be registered voters, ie. Citizens to participate in city commissions. I would very much like to see what the rules are in Huntington Park’s municipal code.
I also want to object clearly and consistently with the remark from Sergio Infanson, when he returned to this city as “Brown Town.” This is not a Brown, white, black, or yellow town, if members of the audience will permit. This is a red, white, and blue town, an American city chartered under the California and United States Constitution, headed by “We the People.”

Huntington Park, CA
official seal
Such incendiary, corrosive remarks have no place in our civic culture. For all the talk and commentary that I have heard about hate, tolerance, and racism, such remarks like “Brown Town” fully manifest those odious sentiments.
I recall also from audience members in two previous city council meetings that one of the supporters  of the two illegal aliens told an African-American woman Chanel Temple, to “Go Back to Africa.”
She was born in this country, raised in this city. She does not have to go anywhere. She can stay right here and hold you accountable. As she said, so will I: “We are not going to have one set of laws for you, and another set for me.”
As for those two illegal aliens, Francisco Medina and Julian Zatarain, they need to go back to their home countries, and come in legally.
I demand that this city council hold Sergio Infanson accountable for his racist rhetoric, I have called up local and state authorities, legislative and judicial, to demand respect for the rule of law. Congresswoman Roybal-Allard gave me time, and she made it very clear – there is a lack of enforcement here.
Forget the color Brown – I am telling you how it is, black and white, clear as crystal.
The media are watching you. I have told everyone I know not to give any business to this city attorney, whose comments just now do not begin to resolve the egregious abuse of the First Amendment and national sovereignty perpetrated by this city council.
Let this be  known – I am not of order, and the protesters in this city and around the country are not of order: this city council is out of order, and will be out of office really soon.

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