Monday, September 21, 2015

"Dead Man" Walker Still Walking

“Wow! What happened to Scott Walker?”

The pundit class, left and right, is wondering what is left of the Wisconsin Governor who took on Big Labor, and who enacted the most comprehensive conservative reforms in one of the bluest states in the union. The Wisconsin Badger who never gives up is facing an unprecedented hit from the media, conservative and liberal, and has struggled to gain traction in an all too big crowd of leading lights.
Is it all because of Donald Trump the “rodeo clown” (the perfect insult from Charles Krauthammer)?. Walker was spot on when he indicted the second debate on this: Carly was destined to be a favorite at the end of the night. Dr. Ben Carson is rising in the polls, too, but honestly the conservative electorate must give up the argument that only outsiders with no experience are on the only qualified candidates left.

I come from California, people. I voted for Carly for US Senate, and she lost. She was a CEO before that, which she lost. She neglect to pay back campaign consultants, and she lost respect from key supporters. Since then, she paid back those debts, but she was a lost cause then. It is still lost on me why the current, justifiably frustrated electorate wants an outsider. You can work on the inside and transform the state from the inside out. Walker did just that in Wisconsin, and I want him to do more of the same in Washington. Besides, Golden State conservatives had an outsider for Governor in Kal-ee-for-nee-a. His name was Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the insiders took him down. From the CTA to the Big Government lobbyists, he was all show and no substance. The same applies to Donald Trump. By the way, guess who will be taking over Celebrity Apprentice? What a coincidence. . .

I don’t want a mere celebrity for President. Neither did the Framers, so they enacted the Electoral College to moderate populism and enhance republicanism and diffusion of state power. Frankly, I am not surprised to see Walker’s numbers so mind-numbingly low at this time. US Senator Rand Paul was taking some unprecedented hits, too, and surprised many pro-liberty supporters for his falling numbers, but there were policy and ideological reasons for his struggles.

With Walker, there is more to this seeming “Dead Man Walker” media hype. First of all, this attack is so 2011, because Time Magazine called him as much following his 2010 election, then his unprecedented Act 10 reforms which followed. Despite Big Media calling him DOA, Walker walked all over Big Labor and the Occupy Movement, and won three elections in four years, in Big Labor’s backyard, I might add.

Since then, he weathered all the nasty legal wrangling from the prosecutorial class in the Dairy State, as well as Big Labor. A judge recently slammed the Wisconsin prosecutors for their unprincipled and unjust witch hunt against the governor. As for the national press corps, they have targeted him over the slightest matters, and nothing has stuck. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Walker is battle tested, winning three elections in a deep blue state. Would someone please tell me why this make him “Establishment”? Walker gave the best retort to frame the flailing front-runner: We don’t need an apprentice in the White House. We already have one, and the electorate was had from the moment they bought and drink the “Hope and Change” koolaid.

Now let’s discuss the second CNN debate. Walker laid some good punches, and then the moderators turned their heads and all but turned off the mike on the Governor, one of only two candidates to mention Obamacare, and the necessity of its full repeal. On MSNBC of all places, the news anchors denounced this unfair disadvantage tilted toward every other candidate except for Donald Trump. So, CNN steers a debate promoting the Donald, and then the next polling lists Trump at the top of their latest poll. Walker, who had the least debate time on the screen, got the lowest polling.
What about  the CNN “poll”, and some of the details which have not seen the light on the Internet? Reported just after the skewed, three-hour school yard brawl, the poll lists high unfavorables for Trump. Walker remains unknown to a third of the voters, yet already has plenty of support to regain traction.

Readers in Wisconsin looked through the CNN “polls”, too, and shared their insights: “REALLY? CNN? More left winged mainstream media! CNN also had Millionaire Mary winning in Wisconsin, they also heavily favored Tommy Barrett the Ferret!” The names refer to the Democratic gubernatorial candidates whom Walker defeated. Another post commented: “I find it almost (NOTE: ALMOST) interesting that 25% of "likely Republican voters" don't know who Walker is. Kind of indicates a vote based on preconceived ideas rather than knowledge. Sad, but totally unexpected.”

No kidding.

Still, Townhall’s own Matt Vespa has asked the question: Should Walker step aside and sit down?
Should he? Six days before the CNN free for all and the governor’s purported free-fall, Vespa reported on the unethical USA Today reporter who had signed onto the 2012 Walker recall. Fair and balanced, are we? The same USA Today (predictably) reported that Walker “failed to deliver”.
How about letting voters decide instead of the media?

A recent straw poll in Illinois places Walker at #1. Whether the governor’s supporters influenced this outcome seems a small matter, considering that hard core activists in the Midwest still want Walker. Consider also the analyses from left-leaning Politico, left-wing Mother Jones, and campaign former opponents: Don’t underestimate Walker.  Vespa himself referenced all these points in his latest post on Walker’s perceived non-viability.

Here is my first letter to the local press on behalf of the Governor as he took on Big Labor. “Don’t Back Down, Governor Walker.” Today, I write: Keep Walking, Governor Walker.” We’ve seen the “Dead Man” come back to life and win before, and he can do it again.

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  1. Arthur, I hope Scott Walker continues to fight on and keep his voice heard, no matter what the outcome is. By the way, I'm also a Southern California resident, and I vow to keep fighting to turn California around. I have some material on my blogs such as photos that you may feel free to use anytime. I have a photoshop job of 2 monkeys to represent Governor Moonbeam and his drunk sidekick Gaffing Gavin which you might find useful for your posts. Feel free to download stuff from mystere's moonbat slayer club and rattrapper's my fox trappings anytime.

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