Tuesday, August 25, 2015

William Murphy: The Puppet Master of 38 Studios

William Murphy

Before Gordon Fox, William Murphy was the most powerful man in the state of Rhode Island. Unlike the chain of felonies and unethical speakers in Massachusetts, who all bowed out from criminal indictment or under investigation, at least one Rhode Island Speaker in recent memory left office because he wanted to. 

Or did he really leave office and give up power to begin with?  

After reading my article about Rhode Island House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello’s connections to 38 Studios, some sources (who insist that they remain anonymous) informed me that Murphy is still pulling all the strings, and he has his fingers all over 38 Studios. Now that Fox has taken the fall, the former Speaker/now convicted felon is done bracing all the heat for the failed video game company and wants to take down more heads with him. 

One of the felonious co-conspirators which Fox would want to take down? Current House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello. 

Mattiello has the biggest reason to prevent an investigation.  

My source shared the following information initially off the record, fearing the repercussion to family and friends as well as employment, because even they got their job through political connections. 

38 Studios was put together with the assistance of Bill Murphy at the point when Murphy was voluntarily stepping down as Speaker. When he stepped down he put Fox in place as Speaker. He also put Mattiello in as [Majority] Leader - Mattiello and Fox hate each other and always have. But Murphy protected Mattiello. When Fox went down Murphy was the unseen hand that moved all the chess players to put Mattiello into the Speaker's Rostrum.  

Mattiello OWES Murphy everything he has to this day. If he allows an investigation to go forward - especially one not hampered by RI politics, he knows it's all over - because if even I knew of the first meeting with Murphy long before it became "news" than other do as well, and that means it can be corroborated, and Mattiello KNOWS an investigation will lead right back to Murphy. And Murphy is smarter than every one of them. He has s--t on them all that will bring them all down if he gets touched. This whole thing is an inside job where a select few got very rich, and the RI public will never know the truth. 

I've never seen Murphy and Mattiello more nervous than when the Oversight Commission in the House was investigating this - they found more real evidence than our own law enforcement did and came so close to unlocking the whole thing. You want to see political scrambling - I saw the look of panic in their eyes as they were trying to desperately figure out how to pull the plug on that commission and look legitimate at the same time. 

 Throughout our entire conversation, my sources had to ensure that we were communicating through a private line, since their office phones and contacts are most certainly being monitored. At one point, they found evidence that someone else had broken into their office, home and computers looking for something but taking nothing - or nothing that they could determine anyway. 

My sources don’t trust the state police, which are investigating Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, who for a lack of oversight is getting all the spotlight from the media. 

Until now. 

The same sources then informed me that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been following up not just on Congressman David Cicilline and former Speaker Gordon Fox, but also Speaker Mattiello. My sources were even shown  a video of the current House Speaker  surrounded by RI's political and underworld elite - including a person known to the FBI as "the Ghost" - replete with  illicit activities occurring on a yacht in RI's nationally renowned Ocean State waters.

Gordon Fox

I had once written: “Rhode Island: Time to Call Batman”. Now is the time for superheroes to stop this superabundant criminality. The Ocean State needs a tsunami to clean out the Augean stable of corruption overrunning the entire region. Or has it become true, and Rhode Islanders just love this corruption too much to let it go, as another close source shared with me: 

You have no idea how pervasive the corruption is. Involves collusions between political officials of every stripe, judiciary, political hack Providence police commissioner, AND MEDIA!! Media reporters COVER UP known & proven political corruption! They are in bed w/the corrupt! Disgusting filth all of them. 

And then: 

But you do know Rhode Islanders LOVE THE CORRUPTION don't you? They are sickly "proud" of it! Keep voting the most proven corrupt politicians back into office time after time. Because THEY ALL "KNOW A GUY..." And that comes in handy getting patronage jobs, favors, squashing arrests, eats for them & their families. So you see CORRUPTION PAYS to most all Rhode Islanders! Insanity defined!! 

With 38 Studios, and reticent Rhode Islanders ashamed to talk about it, perhaps the residents in this state have had enough. Or will it take a total collapse, with bridges breaking down and killing people, along with a busted and bankrupted capital taking down every pension, public service, and bond holder? 

Nicholas Mattiello

Why not start at the top of the rot? Investigate Mattiello and Murphy, and pull the plug on the whole mad-cap game of corruption which has played Rhode Islanders for too long. Roger Williams would definitely approve. 


  1. FBI and Federal AG need to investigate, if its done in Rhode Island, BY Rhode Islanders nothing is going to be discovered and will be a further waste of our tax dollars.

  2. I worked for Joseph Bevilacqua at the time both Murphy and Mattiello were beginning their careers. Both worked for Joe Bev both keasrned from Joe bev. These guts have been tight for years. I also witnessed Mattiello at the home oif "Ghost" on numerous occasions, with numerous different women (none of whom were his wife) and seen more than I care to have see . Its a dirty, corrupt state.

  3. Patrick Oneill and Russell Jackson know what happened. Just connect the dots. Sheldon whitehouse is behind Kilmarten and U.S. Attorney generals lack of interest in prosecuting 38 studios. Deep water wind was traded for 38 studios