Sunday, August 16, 2015

Forget the Car Accident: Walker Focuses on America

While Democrats and progressives describe the Republican bench for the Presidency as “a clown car”, Wisconsin Governor and Presidential contender Scott Walker indicted the true source of this unjust epithet: Donald Trump.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported on Walker’s Fox News interview:

It's like watching a car accident instead of focusing on the direction we should be headed. That's a sideshow out there. I want to be talking about how we make this country great again.

Aside from exploiting popular frustration with a do-nothing Congress boosting Big Business and Big Labor, Trump has no policies in place. His campaign has gone from meteoric rise to chaotic car accident, from his inconsistent comments to his brash yet un-compelling rhetoric against news reporters. Throughout his public life, Trump has been a big government advocate, pushing private eminent domain through court order. He has routinely supported Democratic candidates, endorsed liberal positions such as taxing the rich and implementing single-payer health care. He has identified as a Democrat, blamed Republicans for bad economic and foreign policies, while praising both Clintons, the former President and current Presidential candidate.

Unlike Trump (or President Ronald Reagan), Scott Walker has been consistently pro-life, pro-growth, and pro-limited government throughout his political career. Whenever he has changed his mind, he resorted to the concerns of individual voters as well as facts come to light.

Trump talks about making “America Great Again”. Walker has already done it in Wisconsin, and can bring the same successes to the rest of the country.

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