Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cousin Steve Gets "Non-Partisan Endorsement"

 I just received the latest eblast talking up "Cousin Steve" Bradford in his run for CA State Senator.

The collusion of Big Money in the LA area should have more voters alarmed. Are there ever going to be elections in the future? Don't the residents throughout the Los Angeles region deserve better than highly touted, expensive coronations?

Can't we do better than "Cousin Steve"?




 Bradford Continues to Build Momentum Early in Bid for State Senate

GARDENA, CA- After reports revealed that former Assemblyman Steve Bradford was the top fundraiser in the race for California's 35th Senate District seat having raised $614,067 for the June Primary election with $440,987 cash on hand-- more than double what his opponent reported-- today, Steve Bradford received a major statewide endorsement from the California Small Business Association (CSBA).

Former Gardena, CA Assemblyman Warren Furutani is also angling for the State Senate seat. There will still be a battle royale in the senate district between two wings of the Democratic Party: Big Business and Big Progressive.

The CSBA is a non-partisan, small business advocacy organization founded by the 1980 California small business delegates to the White House Conference on Small Business.  They are a non-profit whose mission is to provide a voice for small businesses and stimulate the creation of jobs and the economy of California.

If the CSBA is non-partisan, should they be endorsing anyone for office? Why are they endorsing Democratic candidates, when the California Democratic Party has embraced one of the most hostile, anti-business agendas in recent history?

In a letter written to Bradford, California Small Business Association President Betty Jo Toccoli wrote:

"On behalf of our Chair, Abdo Ahmed and the 203,000 members of the California Small Business Association, I am pleased to inform you that our grassroots small business organization has endorsed you for Senate District #35. You have demonstrated your commitment and leadership to serving the small business community in your district and in this Great State of California. Your commitment to partnering with us in a small business advisory council enables us to keep you informed of issues important to your small business contingency as well as be a valuable resource."

What is really going on here? The Small Business Associations need to curry some favor with political party bosses in Sacramento, in any way that they can, to stall or at least slow down the job-killing regulations killing their enterprises. They are not jumping behind Cousin Steve because they like him or his policies. They merely see him as the de facto winner in the upcoming political fight, and do not want to be left out of the negotiations in the state legislature.

Beyond today's announcement, Bradford has also been endorsed by Senate President Pro-Tem Kevin de León, incumbent Senator Isadore Hall, local Congresswomen Janice Hahn and Karen Bass, other business groups and a broad spectrum of organizations representing working families.

Despite the pleadings and arguments of local pundits, Aunt Janice and Senate President De Leon are not pro-business. They are pro-Democrat, and will say and do anything to get more money for their campaigns to expand their political influence throughout Southern and Eastern Los Angeles County.

No Republican or conservative has announced their intentions for the state senate seat. What a shame that Democratic machine politics has eaten up what used to be a thriving trade route and business sector in the Los Angeles Harbor-Alameda Corridor.

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