Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"The Donald" is a Democrat

I never knew that Harbor College served as an internment camp for Italian-Americans during WWII. Finally, someone besides Michelle Malkin and myself is reporting that Italian-Americans were interned. Let’s not forget that Terminal Island was home to a thriving and loyal Japanese-American community, and the first interned following Democratic (socialist) President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Executive Order #9066. Why won’t Random Lengths News admit that Democratic “liberal” policies dress up slavery in the trappings of security, and diminish liberty while imposing equality, sometimes at the barrel of a gun?

Now, throughout the rest of Allen’s editorial, he insists on repeating the tired narrative that the Republican Party at its core embraces the state-sponsored segregation and racism represented by the Stars and Bars. From its inception, the Republican Party was founded on a pro-freedom, pro-family platform, which included the end of slavery. The Democratic Party embraced slavery, secession, then segregation and finally socialism, another form of segregation which punishes those who make and creates more of those who take.

Donald Trump March 2015.jpg
Donald Trump (Michael Vadon)

Predictably, Allen targets Donald Trump, yet neglects one key element in describing Trump and his disastrous campaign. Even though his rhetoric has tapped into deep-rooted frustration, and gotten Hispanic voters’ support, the fact is that “The Donald” is a Democrat. He said so himself.

He has donated more money to Democratic candidates and illiberal causes than others. He favors single-payer health care. Not even four years ago, he was praising Hillary Clinton before mulling whether he would run for President. He was pro-abortion, then suddenly changed his mind. He is a gun-grabber and an illegal-alien employer. Granted, he is running as a Republican. The reality is that many self-serving ambitious Democrats have run as Republicans because the label allowed them to stand out from the Democratic machine-chicanery in their home states. Tree-hugger and Big-Government lover Constance Morella of Maryland was a total RINO, as was former US Senator Lincoln Chafee, but both ran as Republicans in their attempts to seem outstanding and to avoid the internecine primary fights which Democratic Party bosses squelch. Diversity of opinion? Not within the Democratic Party.

Besides trashing Democrat Donald Trump, RLn should take “socialist” Bernie Sanders seriously. He is a pro-Second Amendment “gun nut” who voted against expanding lawsuits against gun manufacturers. He has disappointed Vermont’s regressives as a warmongering corporate sell-out who voted for Bush and Clinton’s war authorizations. Now that’s a story RLn should publish!

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