Saturday, August 29, 2015

Scott Walker: Tired of Promises Unkept

Arthur, are you tired of politicians who promise you one thing while running for office only to break that promise once elected?
It seems that’s all the Washington establishment is capable of these days.
It is important that we recognize that there is no distinction between establishment interests in both parties. Another reason why voters should embrace elected officials with a record of results in the states, like Governors.
Last year we were promised if we gave control of the United States Senate to Republicans they would pass a bill to repeal ObamaCare, nearly ten months later, we’re still waiting.
We are still waiting. Some Washington leaders argue that to put forward any such bill would lead to automatic vetoes. So what? At least they should make the effort to push back and require real governance from elected leaders 
I ran for Governor of Wisconsin because I knew our state was in trouble. We had a $3.6 billion deficit, the unemployment rate was 8.1%, and the big government labor bosses had a strangle hold on our education system.
It was put up or shut up time in Wisconsin, and the Republicans, with Walker leading, decided to put up and make the Democrats shut up. Even after the failed recall in June 2012, Republicans would hold onto the state legislature and advance their policy goals. Their long-term wins continued into 2014, too.
Voters are looking for winning leadership. Donald Trump has talked up standing up to entrenched interests and selfish causes. Walker actually walked the walk.
Once elected we took big, bold actions and balanced the budget, cut the unemployment rate to 4.6%, and beat the public sector union bosses. Taking on the status quo was not easy, we faced death threats, nearly 100,000 protestors, and ultimately a recall election.
How quickly many conservatives forget the fights which Walker and his conservative peers faced in the Dairy State. Let us never forget that the union thugs stopped at nothing, including faked called from the  Koch Brothers, and most odious of all -- attacks and protests against Walker's own parents.
We took all those fights head-on and won because we stood true to our conservative principles.
If we can do all this in a blue state like Wisconsin, you can be sure we can accomplish the same successes in Washington.
Our next president must be a leader unafraid to take on the liberal special interests or anyone else who would stand in the way of conservative change.
Scott Walker
While many politicians, left and right, argue that Washington is the source of all the problems, and that politicians never keep their promises, Walker adds that he has kept his promises and tamed unruly unions and their greedy bosses.
It takes a character of resolve to stand one's ground. I look forward to seeing Walker in the White House saying No! to big spending and outrageous government expansion into our lives.
Thank you, Governor Walker. We know that you are not afraid, and we look forward you to taking on every special interest fraud. 


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