Friday, August 21, 2015

Huntington Park Mayor and Councilmember: Illegal Residents?

After a public records request to the Huntington Park City Clerk, Vanessa Carmen sent the following information:

Good Afternoon Mr. Shaper,

This email is in regards to your Public Records Request via this email on August 19, 2015 regarding the below subject,

1. I would like information on the legal residential addresses of the following councilmembers Mayor Karina Macias , Marilyn Sanabria This information is not available.

2. What is the legal process for initiating a recall against sitting councilmembers?  Please see attached
This is incredible.
Local officials in any city must provide proof of legal residence.
No one can run for office if they do not live in the city which they wish to represent.
There have been numerous allegations from residents and activists in Huntington Park who have blasted key members of the city council for not having a legal residence in the city.
I shared this information with a local activist and a political reporter, and their responses were exactly the same: "That is crazy!"
It is crazy -- and illegal!
It's time to start getting answers and demand accountability from these "elected"  officials.

"Mayor" Karina Macias
Where do you stay, Mayor Karina Macias?

"Councilmember" Marilyn Sanabria
Where do you stay, Councilmember Marilyn Sanabria?
Calls to the Huntington Park City Clerk were not answered.
Give them a call and demand that they come forward with the truth -- do they live in HP or not?
Karina Macias:
(323) 584-6221
(323) 482-6640
Direct Cell -- (323) 947-6898

Marilyn Sanabria

(323) 584-6221
(323) 356-8873

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