Sunday, August 16, 2015

Vargas Finds "Alien" Alienating: Of Course!

resident alien card
Jose Vargas

Illegal alien Jose Vargas writes that the term “alien” is alienating.

Of course it is. Words mean things, and they are designed to distinguish (to separate) ideas from one another so that individuals can discuss controversial ideas cogently.

More importantly, words mean things so that dignity and the rule of law prevail. “When words lose their meaning, people lose their liberty” could no better apply than to the unjust political correctness which has driven California lawmakers and Governor Brown to remove “alien” from the state labor code.

“Immigrant” is a prized word, which implies legality, which also signifies “moving in” and joining a community. The essence of that term speaks to respect for the rule of law, and the argument that individuals who reside in the United States should be called “immigrants” despite their undocumented status, is the true offense, because they deprive the word “immigrant” of its true meaning.

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