Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jeb! Asks George! for Help

Jeb Bush has lost major campaign donors, according to Politico.

While mainstream newspapers continue to buoy his character and policies, hoping for another Bush-Clinton mix-up in 2016, the third Bush candidate for President is finding that he is indeed having to fight for the nomination, and despite his plainspoken views and honesty in debates, plus the large campaign cash at his disposal, no one is really interested in Jeb.

Recently, he had to ask for help from not-so blasts from the past to help his campaign.

Former President George W. Bush, who sent out the following eblast on behalf of his younger brother-governor-Presidential candidate:

Dear Arthur - 

Thanks for taking the time to read my note. I rarely send emails like this, but I wanted to make sure I asked for your support on behalf of my brother, Jeb. 

George W. Bush has kept his mind and mouth out of national politics throughout President Obama's term in office. He should be applauded for keeping his opinions to himself.
This is a consequential time in our nation's history, and we need a strong leader. 

Jeb took on tough challenges as Florida's Governor and delivered results. I know he will do the same as President. 

Younger brother Jeb Bush had a commendable record as Florida's governor. Unfortunately, his presidential policy views are out of the mainstream for the Republican base and for the county as a whole. If Jeb the Governor had merely offered to expand his conservative leadership from the Sunshine State to the United States, he would have been a  much stronger, credible, and viable contender.

My brother will be a tremendous President. He is a proven leader with an optimistic outlook and a clear, conservative agenda for America's future. 

"Tremendous" president. Hmm. Republican voters held high hopes for George W. Bush, but just like his father HW, W had his head in New England while planting his feet in Texas. Too liberal, too much Big Government, all feel-good compassion without the true-good conservatism.
He's got a tough road ahead -- take it from someone who's been there. With his strengths and your support, he will succeed. But he needs you, 

Indeed, Jeb does have a tough road ahead for the GOP nomination, in greater part because of his Big Government embrace of Common Core and amnesty. One wonders whether Bush would do anything about Obamacare aside from tinkering around the edges.
Laura and I appreciate your consideration and send our best wishes. 

George W. Bush 
George W. Bush 

Sorry, Dubya, but the conservative children are learnin', and one more Bush in the White House would only solidify a family legacy of campaign conservatism which caves to DC Lobbyist priorities.

The fact that Jeb! needed to ask for George! to solicit donations should indicate that a third Bush in the White House is looking less likely, and may find that with the bevy of qualified candidates vying for the nomination. the younger Bush has uprooted his chances.

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