Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Dinner With Hillary

A strange play which turned into a pretty good movie, "My Dinner with Andre",  starred Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory, both playing themselves.

Shawn would move on to starring character roles, including "Inconceivable" Vezzini in "The Princess Bride.

In the interplay, the two characters -- playing themselves -- go back and forth talking about their lives, their careers, and their ideas for the stage.

In the opening scenes, Shawn mumbles on about the life that he used to live, and now he struggles with money. He has do many dreams, and now he finds that those dreams are hard in coming.

Andre sits down with him, and talks about his hardships in the theater.

The director goes on about his technical, theatrical improvisation in the middle of some Polish forest, with a bunch of other actors whom he has never met.

The four questions which drove Andre during this strange time: Who I am? What am I here? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Those same questions certainly dominate the Hillary Clinton for President campaign today.

Yet unlike the movie, many of us like Wallace Shawn have questions, and Hillary Clinton, unlike Andre, refuses to answer any of them.

So, who wants to have dinner with Hillary?

The two failed actors-directors go on and on about life and their troubles, trying to make sense of their lives, their careers.

While the dialogue was engaging, and the character of the play-turned-movie captivated audiences, its modern counterpart, "My Dinner With Hillary", is a tepid replay filled with questions which the main character, Clinton, refuses to answer.

Like Wallace Shawn, she lived in the halo of Papa Bubba, and now she is finding life a lot harder on her own, taking up the limelight and its accompanying scrutiny. She is busy trying to improvise who she is for the cameras, for the donors, and for the people on the Left who are hungering for real progressive principles, not just posturing.

So, who wants "Dinner with Hillary"? And who wants to pay for it?

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