Sunday, August 16, 2015

Big Conservative Victory Reported in Progressive Random Lengths News

When I read “Big Victory for Conservatives” in the last edition of Random Lengths News, I had to rub my eyes and look again. Either hell has frozen over, or finally liberal progressives are finally recognizing what I and many limited government advocates have been declaring for a long time: real progress is scaling back the state and expanding liberty for the individual and local control for cities and states. I still cannot believe that RLn would print a press release from the conservative “religious, right-wing” Heritage Foundation, but they did, and I congratulate them for doing so.

From the outside at the outset, limited government conservatives have long railed against Big Business as well as Big Labor making backroom deals in Washington DC at the expense of We the People. Obamacare was cobbled together under such officious, secretive compromises. Here in California, Big Labor and Big Business have already declared war on working Californians, trying to ban plastic bags.

The closure and non-renewal of the Export-Import Bank is a major victory, one of many during the current and previous Congresses, in which government programs have stalled and died away. Even President Ronald Reagan could not boast of such accomplishments, having managed only to slow the growth of government, then preside over the closure of one department,  which reopened under a succeeding administration.

This coupling of opposition to Big Business can unite many otherwise disparate fronts. PBS's liberal anchor Bill Moyers and former Reagan Administration Budget Director David Stockman discussed civilly the need to end Big Government bailouts to any private organization. Before that, conservative Washington Post columnist George Will and Left-wing pundit turned professor Robert Reich sat at “ABC’s This Week” Roundtable and declared their commitment to ending corporate welfare (which includes the Ex-Im Bank).

Even US Senators Ted Cruz (Tea Party) and Bernie Sanders (Socialist-In-Name-Only) joined forces to stop Ex-Im. Federal representatives can forge bipartisan solutions, as long as they assist Main Street and Middle America, not Wall Street and K Street.

By the way, the more people I meet, young and old, the more that they identify themselves as conservative. The headline for the Heritage Foundation should not have read “Victory for Conservatives”, but “Victory for All Americans”. That is true face of conservatism: progress for every working man and an opportunity to participate in the American Dream, the lasting, long sought heritage of our Founding Fathers.

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