Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Statement to Huntington Park, CA City Council -- August 17th, 2015

Note: Due to time limitations, I was not able to read the entire statement, but the pertinent elements came through.

Good Evening, Mayor Macias and Huntington Park CA, City Council.

My name is Arthur Christopher Schaper, a life-long resident of Southern California, born and raised in Torrance.

Normally, I would not be attending a city council meeting in South Eastern Los Angeles County, but when I discovered that this city council had decided to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions -- Julian Zatarian, 21, and Francisco Medina, 29, --  I was offended and horrified at the rate in which California representatives, city and state, have flouted the rule of law, all while dishonoring legal residents and United States citizens, born and naturalized.

Legal status, for those not fortunate to be born in this great country, is a precious privilege, one which no legal authority has the right to undermine. Whether we believe that the process of naturalization is long and tortured, the fact remains: this country is a nation of laws not men, and every person who seeks to be a citizen must do so legally. Every person who seeks to serve in public capacity, under legal auspices, must be legal residents.

It is inexcusable for this council to ignore legal, moral, and historical precedent and determining to allow to illegal residents to sit on city commissions. The argument that there is no law preventing this specific action is completely irrelevant. Someone breaks the law is not entitled to administer law based on a common sense understanding of legal enforcement and precedent.

Huntington Park City Council

In the late 1960s, Former Governor Ronald Reagan lectured leaders of the University of California System than no one has the right to break the law in the name of social protest. I echo the same criticism, and condemn your actions. Every person sitting on this city council took an oath to uphold the state and federal constitutions. “We the People” implies “We the citizens” not “We the illegal aliens”.

Councilmember Johnny Pineda contends: "They have been community volunteers for a lot of years," Pineda told KABC-TV. "They've always given to the community ... They just happen to be undocumented."

I take great exception to Mr. Pineda’s political correctness. They are not “undocumented”. They are not immigrants, either, since the term implies legality. No, they are illegal aliens, for whatever reason, and they are not entitled to continue breaking the law, regardless of whatever good actions they engaged in prior. They are certainly not entitled to serve on city commissions or have advisory influence on city or state matters, either.

This council should be ashamed for appointing two illegals to sit on city commissions. Cities are designed to serve and protect citizens, and only citizens and legal residents should be sitting on advisory boards and commissions.

Now, for those who contend that outrage against illegal immigration in general and against this council’s egregious actions in particular is racist or xenophobic, I wish to inform this council and those listening that I have many friends of all colors, who oppose illegal immigration, who do not believe in undermining the rule of law to promote piecemeal, de facto amnesty. Hispanic groups in and around this country are just as outraged about illegal immigration and border security as much as any other interest in this state. Mexican-born comedian Paul Rodriguez condemned illegal immigration on national television – CNN to be precise. Farm Labor Union leader Cesar Chavez opposed illegal immigration and certainly did not believe in pandering to it. Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, a Democrat, an African-American, and a liberal’s liberal, was one of the fiercest opponents of illegal immigration and amnesty.

Last year, in protest of the President’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, residents of all colors and ages in Murrieta, California protested the relocation of illegal aliens to their city and blocked those buses.

 Even Residents of this city denounced this decision:

"I don't think it's right," said Rosa Maria Zambrano. "I guess in my view that you ought to be a citizen in order to represent the city well. What if they were suddenly deported or something, and they don't do their job?"

Linda Caraballo said: "This is not helping the community. It is further dividing the community.” She also said that his move gave the city bad publicity. She was right.

In audience a few weeks prior, one audience member correctly shouted “Out of Order!” to this body. Another resident pointed out: “We’re sending the wrong message: you can be illegal and you can come and work for the city”.

A Paragon Insights poll found that Americans across all ethnicities, income and age groups, and political affiliations supported tougher rules for stopping illegal immigration including a majority of Hispanics (56% to 37%).

There is a long and growing uprising against any form of pandering to illegal aliens. I am following their example and protesting this council’s appointments.

This council should have heeded the advice of its lawful, legal residents. This council must rescind its appointments of two illegal aliens to city commission. Your actions are a flippant defiance to state and federal precedent, which insult the millions of naturalized citizens who obeyed the law to become citizens, and to every American who respects the rule of law.

Liberal Republican Neel Kashkari declared during his debate with Jerry Brown: "The answer to the world's problems is not an open border."

Nor is it sanctuary cities or in the case of Huntington Park, sanctuary advisory boards.

Thank you.


  1. Linda Caraballo said: "This is not helping the community. It is further dividing the community.”

    I have said many, many times, 'history teaches us that diversity often leads to division'. This is a classic example.

  2. First I would like to Congratulate Arthur a friend of mine in Torrance for having the moxy to go this den of iniquity with respect to Law and Order, and Rules and Regulations which are concrete and do not allow for any pursuasion otherwise outside of what they state. The Mayor and Council Members of this city who voted this with a "Yes" vote should be arrested and tried for TREASON against this nation and it's citizens. Now I know this is a very strong and dfiant statement and it is meant to be so! I personally have had enough of the TOTAL & COMPLETE DISREGARD for LAW! Just where do these people think they get their power from? They need to be REMINDED, that they have NONE, without "WE THE PEOPLE" GIVING IT TO THEM by elections. What this city has done is attempt to set a precedent that cannot and will not stand because the WILL of "WE THE PEOPLE" IS FAR GREATER than all of them combined. I fully expect that this action will be cause for ACTION by the City Attorney if he or she knows he wants to remain so, because the CA Bar could revoke their license if some action is not taken by whoever is in this position. Further, all Members of the City Council who took part in approving this ACTION, need to do the following: 1. Reverse this action IMMEDIATELY! 2. Make a public APOLOGY for their wreckless and inappropriate action on appointing non citizens to posts within the city which neither was entitled to be considered for. 3. Make personal apologies to the Governor, the Legislature and the Supreme Court of the State of CA, for violating both the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of CA. 4. Write a letter of Apology to the U S Congressional Representatives who represent this city in Congress in both houses. 5. Sumbit their RESIGNATIONS forthwith for having FAILED MISERABLY to PROPERLY represent "WE THE PEOPLE" THE VOTERS OF THE CITY OF HUNTINGTON PARK, CA! 5. The U S Attorney General and the State of CA Attorney General should conduct a full and complete investigation into the city of Huntington Park and issue fines or penaltys to the city itself for approving such ACTION that clearly and willfully violates both STATE, and FEDERAL LAW! Finally, charges should be considered with regards to each member of the Council who Voted "FOR" these appointments. NO one should be able to ESCAPE taking responsibility for such egregious and deplorable action as public servants. Thank you! Now it is your turn!!