Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Week Declares Hillary Clinton “A Ticking Time Bomb”

Damon Linker, writing an opinion column for “The Week”, slammed the Democratic Party Bench in need for “a serious candidate”.

First exulting that US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont had passed Clinton in the latest New Hampshire poll, Linker laid out why this development presented good news for Democrats, even though he contended that the Vermont socialist-turned-Democrat would all but assure a Republican President in 2017:

Because it helps to puncture the aura of inevitability around Hillary Clinton. Yes, she continues to lead in every national poll by a large margin, which is why few formidable opponents have shown an interest in challenging her for the Democratic nomination. That has always been foolish, given the mountain of baggage she and her husband carry around with them everywhere they go. But now it's become downright irresponsible.

Interesting how this Democratic partisan, dedicated to voting for the first female President, does not ignore the rising number of improprieties and scandals threatening her ascent.

The Democrats desperately need more serious, viable candidates in the race, or at least poised to jump in at a moment's notice. (And it sure would be great if they were more appealing than Al Gore.) The point wouldn't be to catch up to her in a mad dash. The point would be to serve as a strong back-up for when the nearly inevitable happens.

What's the nearly inevitable? The scandal that, sooner or later, is bound to sink Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Hillary Clinton: Tick. . .Tick. . .Tick

For Linker, Hillary the Inevitable is turning into an inevitable disaster, and one from which the Democratic Party cannot hope to recover with a better “Plan B” liberal candidate.

What scandal does “The Week” columnist speak to specifically? Email-Gate:

And then: Ka-Blam! The story is back and bigger than ever. Oh, that server we wouldn't give to you? You can have it now, cleaned up all nice and tidy. There certainly weren't any classified documents on there. Oh, there were? Oops, well, only those two — oh, I mean four — and don't worry about how that's just a "limited sample" of 40 emails out of tens of thousands; the inspector general of the Justice Department just got lucky. And hey, we deleted them, so who cares? (Freedom of information is for suckers.) Yes, of course, my "shadow" had access to that server and those classified emails, too. Why is that a problem? What, are you a member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?
Tick, tick, boom.

As of press time, Hillary Clinton faces FBI investigation in relation to her misuse of government and private email servers. Prior allegations from the Washington Times contended that Clinton could face jail time for this alleged crime.

With the probability of criminal charges turning into an inevitability, the once invincible Clinton, whom the New York Times Magazine had once styled a planetary phenomenon in the middle of a new political universe, may find herself in the middle of prison cell, and the Democratic Party’s chances blown for keeping the White House.

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