Monday, August 31, 2015

MoveOn.Org Panics: "They. Defunded. Planned. Parenthood."


In the latest fit of Left-wing Fear and Trembling, released the latest eblast, begging liberal progressive activists to chip and save Planned Murderhood.

Er. . .Planned Parricide. . .er Planned Parenthood.

The latest desperate plea of the secular, Big Goverment Left-Wing grassroots organization should the boost the spirits of pro-life forces across the country and the world.

When liberal, anti-social activists realize that liberty activists can use their tactics, and use them toward greater ends with stronger finesse, everyone on the outside looking in can feel their panic on the airwaves, the Twitterverse, and all over the Internet.

From Victoria Kaplan:

Dear MoveOn member,
In just two weeks, five states—Utah, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Alabama—defunded Planned Parenthood.1
Throw up your hands and shout Hallelujah! Even the most pro-choice of Republicans have declared their full intent to defund the felony murder and sale of human fetuses and their body parts. The country is growing more towards pro-life, because technology has made it crystal clear that life begins at conception, and that every life matters.
At least eleven states are considering similar cuts or have launched investigations to attack Planned Parenthood.2
Kaplan then referenced a source with the following information:
There are only three states in which Planned Parenthood affiliate clinics participate in fetal tissue donation programs: California, Colorado, and Texas.

And yet, to date, there have been 11 state-led investigations into Planned Parenthood following the release of the "sting" videos by the Center for Medical Progress: Texas, Ohio, Missouri (where there are hearings in the legislature only), Louisiana, Kansas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona (where it is qualified as inspections of clinics only, in compliance with current state law and procedure), Indiana, and Massachusetts. [Yahoo News, 8/19/15]

Strangely enough, Kaplan focuses on attacking Republicans as the root malevolence against Planned Parenthood. Yet Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire already cut the funding, and other blue states like Massachusetts are launching investigations.

Of course, Kaplan resumes her fear-mongering tirade to protect an officious institution which should never had received federal funding in the firs place:

And as soon as Congress reconvenes, anti-choice Republicans will resume pushing legislation to cut off Planned Parenthood nationwide, perhaps even threatening a government shutdown.3
If anything is anti-choice, look no further than an institution which kills unborn children in the mother's womb, often lying to the mothers-to-be without informing them of the severe consequences, mental and physical, associated with the taking of a life.
This is an all-out assault on Planned Parenthood—so we've launched a major campaign to turn the tide before this vital women's health resource is completely decimated.
Kaplan has one thing right -- the grassroots fight against Planned Parenthood across the country is an all-out assault on Planned Murderhood, the death of young children and the harm done to women (and men) in the name of "choice.". 

MoveOn is falling behind
But since no one knew these sneak attacks were coming, we didn't budget for this fight. Will you chip in $3 to help MoveOn stand with Planned Parenthood?
Well. Well. Well. The Left is left without resources to push their leftist, statist, anti-life, anti-liberty agenda. When power has no moral compass or truth behind it, then there is no real power there to begin with.
Anti-choice activists have been campaigning to defund Planned Parenthood for years.

Once again, this "anti-choice" rhetoric is repetitive as well as false. Many women who chose to undergo an abortion often regret it, and wish that they could rethink "the choice". Other women were pressured into the abortion because of peers or otherwise unfaithful lovers.
In 2011 alone, the anti-choice group Susan B. Anthony List bragged that they'd cut over $61 million in funding for Pap smears, cancer screenings, and other basic health services at Planned Parenthood.4

Susan B. Anthony was one of the first American feminists. She was a proud and principled patriot, and she despised abortion. Feminism has a pro-life core and history, despite the meandering distortions of the Left.
But since the release of those heavily edited videos recorded by anti-choice militants who are linked to clinic bombings and shootings, Planned Parenthood is under attack like never before.5

They were not heavily edited. There were eight videos, by the way.
Here's our plan to fight back:
  • We'll team up with Planned Parenthood for a nationwide "Pink Out" day of action in late September to get everyone wearing pink in support of Planned Parenthood.
  • We'll hold pro-choice lawmakers who flip their votes against Planned Parenthood accountable with hard-hitting ads, phone calls, and protests in front of their offices.
  • We'll focus attention on real Planned Parenthood patients by featuring them in Facebook ads and as petition leaders.
Here, the tactics of the subversive, illiberal progressive movement shows its colors, and they are not pink with courtesy, but red with the blood of innocent infants. This time, however, the pro-abortion crowd is on the defense playing catch-up, and they are not advancing.

But all this will cost money—so if you've ever visited a Planned Parenthood, know anyone who's ever visited a Planned Parenthood, or have a child or loved one who might ever need Planned Parenthood—now's the time to stand up and fight.
Will you chip in $3 to help MoveOn stand with Planned Parenthood?

What is it about the Left and liberal interest gourps that they are constantly holding their hands out demanding that their followers and fans pay for the demonstrations and protests? Pro-Life protests broke out all over the country on August 22nd, 2015, without costing those advocates a penny.

Freedom of speech truly is free, for those with the wisdom and courage to use it. sounds more and more like a corporate astro-turf front than anything nobly associated with grassroots activism. And there not even as good at it as conservatives, Republicans, freedom fighters, and pro-life advocates in general.

Undercover video of PP fetal parts trade

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