Monday, February 16, 2015

Vanilla Walker is the Perfect Flavor

Vanilla Walker?
In a recent column about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s rise in the Republican Presidential field, LA Times Columnist Jonah Goldberg suggested calling Walker “The Vanilla Candidate”.
Why vanilla? Because he is white, bland, and barely bearable?
“Vanilla is the most popular ice-cream flavor in America, not because it is the best, but because it is the least objectionable.”  
Walker is certainly the least objectionable to both Establishment as well as Tea Party and staunch Libertarian candidates.  While Goldberg acknowledged that Walker was the strong second choice for these purist partisans, he neglected to describe another pleasing element about vanilla ice cream: it goes well with everything.
Walker has Establishment credentials not because he has waffled on key issues, but because of his government, private sector, and non-profit experience. Furthermore, Walker has organized long-term political machinery to win and maintain statewide political victories three times in four years in a deep blue state, one which hasn’t voted for a Republican Presidential candidate in three decades.
Walker impresses anti-Establishment libertarians for his unflinching anti-tax, anti-Big Government stance, particularly on government programs. He enthralls Tea Party affiliates because of his robust, unyielding reforms against public sector unions.
Democrats may consider Walker because of his long record on education reforms: diminution of arbitrary teacher tenure, school choice and voucher expansions, and his raising objections against Common Core. Independents fed up with rhetoric and promises will embrace Walker for his record and lasting achievements.
Walker the Vanilla Candidate is the perfect flavor for this country.
Walker is the Perfect Flavor

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