Saturday, February 21, 2015

Press Should Focus on Tammy, not Scott

While the mainstream media is getting steamed up about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s lack of a college education (President Obama has one, and yet what good has it served this country?), or the fact that he delayed signing off on right-to-work (a fast-track bill is now ready, and Walker has announced his support and signature, as he had before), the Wisconsin residents, and the country as a whole, should take a longer look at US Senator Tammy Baldwin.

Following the reports of secret waitlists in Veterans hospitals throughout the country, President Obama tendered the resignation of Secretary of VA Affairs Eric Shinseki. President Obama should have also resigned, or at least investigated and implemented rigorous reforms. Our nation’s veterans deserve respect and honor, not neglect and incompetence. The voters did what Obama refused to do, and change the leadership in the US Senate as well solidified Republican opposition in the House.

Then there’s Senator Baldwin, who supposedly did nothing after receiving reports that the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center was overmedicating patients. Other reports indicate that Baldwin forced out one of her staffers in order to cover up her ( and perhaps the Obama Administration’s) inaction on this severe, gross medical malpractice. The firing of this staffer, included a generous severance package and a confidentiality agreement.

While President Obama and his party claimed the standard of transparency, watchdog groups and conservative media have provided the full story on their scandals. The Wisconsin press should press for more answers from Tammy.

Tammy Baldwin.jpg
Senator Baldwin has some 'splainin' to do.


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