Friday, February 13, 2015

Bruce Times Three This Past Week

Three Bruces have caused quiet an uproar in the last week.

Not Bruce Banner, but other Bruces, each of whom are doing something weird, worrisome, and wonderful.

Bruce Jenner NASA.jpg

Bruce Jenner

Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner came out about what we all had known for months: He is become a she.

The former celebrity athlete turned reality show TV star has been holding the headlines hostage with rumors of trangenderism.

There is a bigger issue to all of this, however. The argument of men become women or vice versa has turned into another perversion of the Civil Rights movement.

Young people are falling for this idea that changing their gender is no big deal, but just  a different manner of expressing oneself. This downward trend is discouraging, distressing, and deeply depressing.

What is Jenner doing, anyway? Whey is he doing this to himself?

The perception seems to be that like a number of former celebrities who find a new life in the public eye, Jenner wants the attention.

He certainly got some last week, when he got into a fatal car accident along the Malibu Pacific Coast Highway. Forget the PC shame-blame game. Transgenderism is a mental disorder, and people who struggle with gender and identity issues need love, support, and truth. What they do not need is liberal pandering which makes war on biology and the sexes, all in the pursuit of the secular ideal of making everyone "the same".

Bruce Jenner may start calling himself "Jenny Jenner", but no matter what names, cosmetic surgeries, or hormone therapies he undergoes, Bruce will still be Bruce, born with his XY chromosomes. Unfortunately, he is ruining his body and his family relationships in the process, even though his mother claims to be proud of him.

Bruce Poliquin

In an unexpectedly shocking move, the newly-elected Republican Congressman from Maine, former state treasure Bruce Poliquin, voted against the full repeal of Obamacare, along with two liberal Republicans. All the Democrats voted no against the full repeal of this law (of course).

But why Bruce? Has he already gone soft on his party, his constituents, and the country? He is a conservative Republican, pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. I was so upset at first, and confused, I called the Congressman's office. I began thinking that he voted no because he wanted to shore up support from the Democratic voters in his district. Republicans should have learned by now that pandering to Democratic voters does not work.

After calling his office, I learned that Poliquin wants a clear replacement plan for the (Un)Affordable Care Act. The staffer confirmed that he is dedicated to getting rid of Obamacare, specifically focusing on restoring the forty-hour work week, and repealing the much-hated medical device tax.

I forgive you, Bruce -- Don't do it again!

Bruce Rauner

In 2014, Rauner was the only Republican gubernatorial candidate to unseat a Democrat, and he did it in deep blue Illinois. Running on a platform of fiscal discipline, term limits, and union reforms, Rauner wowed the political establishment an the chattering classes with a five-point upset over Pat Quinn, the recently-installed Democratic governor who replaced convicted felon Rod Blagojevich. (You can call me anytime, but I'm not giving it (Senator Barack Obama's US Senate seat) for f--kin' nothing!)

Despite his relatively moderate views on some issues (pro-choice), Republicans and Democrats turned out for him. This week, he returned the favor, and issued an executive order in response to the Supreme Court ruling Harris v. Quinn. That decision barred the Service Employees International Union from forcing home-care providers from joining a union and paying dues because they were receiving Medicaid funding as payment.

With this ruling, Rauner declared that any public work who has not joined a union would not have to pay any union dues. This order differs from President Obama's, because Rauner is responding to the Supreme Court's ruling on the issue. Furthermore, Rauner is following the language and intent of the Constitution, which protects freedom of speech and assembly. Forced unionism and conscription of dues rails against these fundamental rights.

Bravo, Bruce! Thanks for fighting for the public interest against the public sector unions! Thanks for taking a stand for the workers, the taxpayers, and all Illinois residents!

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