Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Democrats: Partying (or Pretending) Like 1992

The Democratic Party is longing for the past. They want a "Bubba" Bill Clinton clone back in the White House, since he was the last popular Democrat who served as President, in spite his weakened foreign policy and weakening moral character.

Formal black-and-white portrait of Clinton, 1992
Hillary Clinton in 1992
The Adolescent Clinton Presidency appeals to that party, because the United States witnessed unprecedented growth and enjoyed a budget surplus for the first time in decades. All of this came about because of a stauchly Republican Congress, the first in four decades, which campaigned on the promise to balance the budget and force the government to live within its means. Clinton was a better media personality, plus the fact that the press has a penchant for liberals, especially when they (reluctantly) govern.

The adults in the room, the House and the US Senate, expected the President to behave, and demanded that the country do the same. Even though the 1990s was the Age of Seinfeld, with a lot of people getting huffy about nothing, the seeds of domestic terrorism

Democrats want the general popularity of Bill Clinton, and so does the media.

They are hooked on a feeling, high on believing that another Clinton, wife Hillary, is just want the Democratic doctors order.

What does she bring to the White House, exactly?

A lackluster four-year term as Secretary of State, following a 49% almost win for the Democratic nomination in 2008. Before that? The junior senator from New York State, though originally from Chicago, Illinois, she had a list of domestic policy failures before that as the First Lady. What exactly enthralls Democrats about Hillary? That she is a woman, a sexist, retrograde appraisal.

Her last name, and the eight year relative calm of her Presidential predecessor, had nothing to do with First Lady Hillary, yet her Democratic supporters are clamoring for her nomination because she will be the First Lady President.

The Democratic Party is longing for the past, hoping to party like it's 1992, when the country was not yet disillusioned with eight years of unfettered, regressive principles. What Hillary Clinton tried to accomplish in 1994, Obama prevailed, which subsequently failed as he lost massive majorities in the House then the US Senate over the next four years. Despite his reelection in 2012, Obama neglected the many who did not vote, as he took in fewer votes and lost states compared to his 2008 victory.

The hyperpartisan, liberal cohorts holding the Democratic levers of power still hope that the grand vision of Big Government can work out, and Obama's eight years of economic and moral failures have not dissuaded them. They have persuaded the American People to consider a Republican President in 2016.

Once again, the Democrats are hoping for 1992 redux, with Hillary Clinton facing off against Jeb Bush, a more conservative yet still a big chip off the Big Government Block of his father George
Herbert Walker. Bush 41 won the gulf war, but the economic fallout, plus the broken promise of "No New Taxes" killed his reelection. Third Party candidate Ross Perot didn't help matters, either. If Hillary does win her party's nomination, and Jeb Bush represents the Republicans at the general election, Clinton will have a stronger hand.

Even if another Clinton wins the White House, the United States will not be partying like it's 1992. After eight years of unrepentant Obamanomics, and the broken state of America's health care, military, moral resolve, and infrastructure, this country will embrace a deeper malaise, beyond the lamentation of former President Jimmy Carter.

Rachel Maddow in Seattle cropped.png
Rachel Maddow:
What about Claire McCaskill?
However, recent polling has show Son Jeb slumping in Iowa, while otherwise (or rather, formerly) unknown contenders like Scott Walker, Senator Rand Paul, and Governor Bobby Jindal are making their mark, and winning higher numbers. Hillary Fatigue is setting in. Chuck Todd is bored with First Lady Hillary. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow suggested that Missouri US Senator  Claire McCaskill would be a possible replacement if Hillary doesn't run. Leftist contenders like Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts are facing pressure from the Democratic base. "Anyone But Hillary" is gaining steam, just as "Anyone But Romney" would have defeated Obama in 2012.

Besides, there is no way for this country to go back to embracing the unfettered statism of the past. After six years of anemic economic growth, the national disaster of Obamacare, plus the President's abortive, incompetent foreign policy defined by doing stupid stuff. In 2014, 4his country wiped out any remaining vestiges of Democratic relevance in Washington D.C. In 2016, they will finish the job with a Republican President, and his name will not be Jeb.

For once, Republicans will party as they would have in 1992, had Bush won instead of Clinton, and a Clinton will have lost a nationwide race for the second time in eight years. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is becoming the coalition of Old Rich White People, and Defunct, Debunked Ideologies.

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  1. Sad Choices for the Democrats - Bubba's Babe or Lizzie (Lie-a-watha) Warren! If either wins we are finished. H. Brooke Paige