Monday, February 16, 2015

American Lie (The Day Big Media Died)

From the implosion of MSNBC and CNN to the recent suspension of NBC's Brian Williams, the Mainstream Media is getting marginalized every day.

The New Media, democratized by conservative bloggers and alternative-made-dominant countermedia like Truth Revolt and Breitbart are not only knocking the hell out of the lie, but telling more of the story, holding the Establishment of both parties accountable, and freeing the average reader from the hostage propaganda of left-wing editorializing and willful neglect.

For the past week, in the wake of Brian Williams' recent admission that he lied about encountering enemy fire during the War and Iraq, I kept reading the headline "The Day Big Media Died."

Don McLean 1976.JPG
Don McLean

The phrase reminded me of the refrain "The Day the Music Died" from Don McLeans' hit song "American Pie". I have a deeper connection with this song, since it I played it in my marching Band at Torrance High School (the same alma mater of too-soon departed athlete, war hero, and Christian inspiration Lou Zamperini).

Replaying the lyrics, I can't help but replace "the music" with "Big Media", and you get "American Lie".

Please sing with me:

  • A long, long time ago I can still remember how Big Media used to make me smile
    And because they owned the air waves
    They reported whatever made the raves
    And mostly we were angry for a while.
  • But Barry Obama made me shiver
    As all the papers gushed and quivered,
    Bad news on the door step,
    Never made the front page instep,

    Brian Williams 2012 Shankbone.JPG
    Brian Williams (David Shankbone)

  • I can't remember if I cried
    When I read about Brian Williams' slide
    I felt warm and happy deep inside,
    The day Big Media died.
    So. . .
  • Bye, bye Miss American Lie
    Drove your ratings down the tubes, because you left us all out to dry
    The Old Boys' clubs were drinkin' Kool-Aid 'n' rye
    Singin' "How can we keep on peddling this lie?
    How much longer can we keep up the Big Media lie?
  • They claimed that Obama was all love
    So why have faith in God above?
    Because Barry had told us all it was so.
    No one believed in rocking the boat
    Because Big Media digged the moat
    So very few were really in the Know
  • We all knew the networks were in love with him
    Cuz they were prancing all over a whim.
    They all kicked us in the teeth
    Telling us to embrace the economic blues and grief.
  • Now all those millenials are out of luck
    With pinks slips and living in their pick up trucks
    But they were tired of embracing the suck,
    The day Big Media died.
    I started singin'. .


    Now for six years America's made a collective moan
    And spending gets old with roving drones
    Is this the way it will always be?
    When Jon Stewart sang for Barry and his queen
    With cant and colic he borrowed from Queen
    And with money he stole from you and me.

  • Oh but while Obama was looking down,
    Breitbart stole his thorny crown
    The Court of public opinion finally learned;
    And a verdict of guilty was duly earned!
  • The better anchors knew Barry worshipped Marx,
    Though the Democrats bayed and barked
    Singing dirges for progressives left in the dark
    The day Big Media died.
    We were singin'. . .
  • (Chorus)
  • Maher, Olbermann, Maddow joined the melter
    The reporters flew off for a fallout shelter,
    Looking for a boost yet fallin' fast.
    They landed foul on their ass.
    Those haters tried for a last-ditch pass
    But the viewers no longer watch the newscast.
  • Now election 2014 was sweet perfume
    Since the American People starting marching to their own tune.
    We all got up to dance
    Now Barry has lost his chance.
  • The media hatemongers tried to retake the field
    The New Media refused to yield.
    We all recall what was revealed,
    the day Big Media died!
    We started singin'
  • Jon Stewart
  • Oh and there we were all in one place,
    A generation taking back our space
    But with plenty of time to start again.
    So come on, conservatives, stand and shout
    Williams is gone, and Jon Stewart Out
    Getting fired is now their only end.
  • Oh, when I had to watch Barry on stage,
    My hands were clinched in fists of rage,
    No angel born was he
    But the Devil's spawn he turned out to be
  • Today, Barry's crimes climb high into the night
    And delight our sacrificial spite
    I have seen Americans laughing with delight,
    The day Big Media died.
    Now we're singin'
  • (Chorus)
  • I meet lots of people who are no longer blue
    We find and read more happy news
    As Democrats lose, and liberals run away.
    We see the Constitution and its sacred store
    And hear the truth as in years before
    And no one can tell us that we can't play.
  • And in the streets the Middle Class gleams,
    The leftists cry, and the bloggers dream.
    For the Left not a word is spoken,
    Their standards all are broken.
  • And the networks despised from coast to coast,
    NBC, CBS, but MSNBC the most,
    They all ended up burnt to toast,
    The day Big Media, died.
    And we are singin'
  • Bye, bye Miss American Lie
    Drove your ratings down the tubes, and left us all out to dry
    The American people won't drink the Kool-Aid . And why?
    We sing: Please stop repeating the lies.
    We're so glad to see Big Media die!


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