Monday, February 9, 2015

Torrance: A Balanced City Getting Unbalanced

Torrance, California is turning into a piggy bank for lawsuit abuse.

How many legal settlements has the city had to pay off or fend off in the last three years?

Since when did a thriving city become easy money for vulture-like attorneys looking for easy money?

And why is it that the city is not informing us about the latest settlement which is costing the taxpayers $2 million?

Retired mayor Frank Scotto shared the following:

Again, Torrance officials disclosed that settlement figure only because the Daily Breeze specifically asked for the information, not because of any municipal policy requiring transparency.

“There’s never going to be a press release,” said Frank Scotto, who was mayor when the two settlements were negotiated. He added: “Nobody is hiding anything.”


Now there are reports that a firefighter was placed on leave, yet no names have been announced. What gives?

Torrance business owners still complain that the taxes and fees are getting out of control as well.

I was driving North on Hawthorne Blvd from PCH, and I noticed a lot of empty storefronts, including the large grey, pyramid-like building on the corner of 230th and Hawthorne. What is going on?

I am glad that Ferrari is moving into Torrance, but there are still more businesses leaving than staying. The latest regulations requiring sick-pay along with Obamacare are forcing local residents to give up their entrepreneurial hopes and ambitions. The imposed minimum wage is also hurting the budding business class in the city.

Can the city of Torrance lobby anyone in Sacramento to stop this insanity?

Things are getting a little imbalanced in the Balanced City, and it's time for residents to restore and even keel to good, clean, and efficient governance in the City of Torrance.

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