Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SCROC Info Updates

SCROC, Torrance CA

Dr. Laurie St. Jean, the newly appointed helped me a great deal in answering key questions about SCROC, including administration, enrollment, finances, and the Joint Powers Agreement.

1. A copy of the joint powers agreement for SCROC
She provided me the latest version of the JPA. I Noticed on the front cover that Centinela Valley Union High School District has been crossed out. This Daily Breeze article gives some indication as to why. The contents of the agreement
2. The number of students enrolled at SCROC and through the school's programs.
Dr. St. Jean informed me that 1,552 students enrolled at the facility in the Fall 2014 semester.
3. How any teachers/staff work at SCROC?
SoCal ROC  
Employee Count as of 1/22/15 
# of SoCal ROC instructors   54
# of staff other than instructos   26
# of managment   4
Total   84
4. The salary schedule for the teachers and staff at the school
Teachers salaries range from 3,327 to 6,634 a month, depending on education, tenure, and employment experience.
Classified staff, from career guidance counselors to payroll technicians, to custodians, make between 3,300 to 5,500 per month depending on the number of years of experience at the site.
5. The salary for the two administrators and two managers -- including yourself. 
For the certificated and classified administrators:


Director Annual 104,464.50 to 119996.87 for 223 days

Programs/Student Support Services** from 8,705.37 to 9999.74

Director Annual 90703.24 to 104189.51 for 223 days
Fiscal Services and Technology** from 7558.60 to 8682.46

The administrators are eligible for different stipends and perks for the job, as well:

1.      $500 given annually for Masters Degree from an accredited college/university.
2.      $1,000 given annually for Doctorate Degree from an accredited college/university.
3.      Movement between columns is contingent upon the completion of 160 hours of professional development activities.  Prior approval by Superintendent for such activities is required. 
4.      Longevity stipends are given annually for the following:
 10 years - $250.00
 15 years - $500.00
 20 years - $750.00
 25 years - $1110.00
5.      Benefits package approved by the Board of Education is the same for all So Cal ROC/P employees.
6.      New management employees shall be placed on the salary schedule by the Superintendent depending upon experience, education, ability, special knowledge,
7.      All management personnel are on a positive work year.
*     Mileage stipend ($500.00 x 12 months)
**    Mileage stipend ($200.00 per 12 months)

Below is the salary information of the Superintendent:


Superintendent Salary (board approved on 2/20/2014)
Effective January 26, 2015

Position Superintendent (annual salary)

Base Salary 198,672.88
Masters Stipend 500.00
Doctoral Stipend 1500.00
Mileage 7200.00
Annuity 2500.00

Total 210,372.88


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